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Our Boys: The Message in Their Names

Eyal ben Iris Tshura / Ori
  אייל בן איריס תשורה / אורי
(1)  320  Ayal ben Ori is gematria {Naar]   נער - youth,  also Yishai [320]
Roshei Teivot [initial letters]     את אבא Et Aba: Father
also ''comes Av"''
Sofei Teivot [end letters]   הנילס  - the Nile [River]
Comes the Father, and youth

2. Gilad Michael ben Bat Galim / Ophir
  גילעד מיכאל בן בת גלים  / אופיר
(2) Roshei Teivot    אמ בג בג - mother of ''Bag Bag''

Ben Bag-Bag was a rather mysterious Rabbi and a disciple of Rabbi Hillel of the early Tannaim age, appearing at the end of the Mishnah in Pirkei Avot. He is quoted in the Mishna, Turn it, and turn it, for everything is in it. Reflect on it and grow old and gray with it. Don't turn from it, for nothing is better than it. Another mysterious Rabbi of the same time, by the name of Ben He-He, is considered by some to be the same person. Speculation by Torah scholars leads many to believe these names to be labels to cover the true identities of these Rabbis because they were gerim who were persecuted by Roman authorities during the Roman occupation of the Land of Israel. Another Rabbinic tradition holds that Ben Bag Bag was the ger that Hillel symbolically taught the whole Torah while the ger stood on one foot.  Source: Wikipedia 
i.e. the message is that Gerim are being revealed.

**The Psalm 72 and Shem/Bavel references, along with present news events occurring simultaneously, are davka hints towards Noahide Gerim.

Sofei Teivot -   לדן תמר  - the judgment of  Tamar [The Midrash calls Tamar the Mother of Moshiach, for her lineage gives way to Malchus beis David, and she was awarded this through harsh din with Yehuda. Yehuda is synonymous with Hebron, the location of these events.]

 גלעד מיכאלGilad Michoel: Gilad spelt without the yud = 208 = Yitzchak - as the Baal HaTurim says ''when Yishmael falls, Yitzchak i.e. the son of David, rises'' - as is known the many associations of Yitzchak with the Jewish people.  The Arizal states [in reference to his own name] that the name Yitzchak is a siman l'geula [sign of Redemption]

3. Yaakov Naftali ben Rachel Devorah / Avraham
     יעקב נפתלי בן רחל דבורה  / אברהם 
(3) The Roshei teivot:   רב דין / בני דר Rav Din / B''nei dor - a lot of judgment on the children of the generation;  also דביר נ  [Dvir-Nun] - the Holy of Holies of Nun i.e. Nun Shaarie Bina - the 50 Gates of Understanding

בנדרי -   -  with nidrei [as in Kol Nidrei] [another hint in connection with Bag Bag, i.e. Gerim]
Sofei Teivot:  לבניה  which is a reference to Rachel's children
הלבני  - ''HaLibni'' is the name of the family that came out in the Exodus [Bamidbar 3:21]  - family of the Gershonites and they were called the Livnites because of the bricks they made in Egypt, and that name is a sign of the Redemption that was going to happen so G-d encapsulated it in their names, because the names of people show the generation what G-d is doing.

Roshei Teivot  בירדן    - in the Jordan [nearby Jordan Valley]

ב[מסבו] נרדי  
Shir HaShirim 1:12  Shir HaShirim 1:12
''While the king sat at his table, my spikenard sent forth its fragrance.''
Nard is a fragrant herb but used here as the bad odour of idolatry
Gilad Michoel is the gematria Reyach [smell]
The beis is of the verse beis mem samech beis vav which is in reference to the table of the King.

 Roshei teivot spells B''nei Adar; Sofei Teivot spells B''li Haman [without Haman]

Yaakov Naftali - 752 - gematria ''Emunah'' [loosely translated as ''faith'']

Gematria of Rachel Devorah is 555 which is  Moshiach ben Yosef in Atbash
Devorah = 217 - gematria ''Ani Yosef''
Rachel = atbash gematria ''Kohen Tzedek'', which is Eliyahu
and the reason why we say Eliyahu in conjunction with לבניה is from the Midrash which says Eliyahu is from B''nei Rachel

The names of all three boys is gematria 920 which again is the Roshei teivot gematria of ''Kohen Tzedek'' and also Moshiach HaRishon which is obviously symbolic of Moshiach ben Yosef

The beginning and end letters of the family names:
the Roshei teivot of the family names is the gematria ''Shamayim'' and the end letters is the gematria ''Rachel of Heaven.

Roshei Teivot of boys first names [omitting Gilad] is   אמני
גיל means either the age or generation of, and the עד would be 74 - [5774]
- or the gladness of 74 or - to shake with fear from 74 - or we will rejoice in 74

Roshei teivot of first names אי  then the word  מגן = where is the shield/Magen Eretz Yisrael
The Roshei teivot of the three names: ארן דבי - Aron David ben Yishai - [the ark of David ben Yishai]

The initial and end letters of all their names spells B'din Gamliel - Rabbi Gamaliel’s overriding philosophy was: "Whoever has mercy on other people, Heaven will have mercy upon him; whoever does not have mercy on other people, Heaven will not have mercy upon him."

Beginning and end letters of the boys' names [without their parents' names]
דניאל גם ליב
Daniel also lion;  or Daniel b'gimel : i.e. Daniel in [all] three

Three fathers names, gematria: בנס - with miracle

Psalm 72 tells the entire story!!
[take all previous hints into account]
The consistent theme of the names involved are literally all throughout this Psalm, in context, commentary, and vernacular.

Psalms Chapter 72

 א לִשְׁלֹמֹה: אֱלֹהִים--מִשְׁפָּטֶיךָ, לְמֶלֶךְ תֵּן; וְצִדְקָתְךָ לְבֶן-מֶלֶךְ.
1 [A Psalm] of Solomon. Give the king Thy judgments, O God, and Thy righteousness unto the king's son;
ב יָדִין עַמְּךָ בְצֶדֶק; וַעֲנִיֶּיךָ בְמִשְׁפָּט. 2 That he may judge Thy people with righteousness, and Thy poor with justice. 
ג יִשְׂאוּ הָרִים שָׁלוֹם לָעָם; וּגְבָעוֹת, בִּצְדָקָה.3
Let the mountains bear peace to the people, and the hills, through righteousness.
ד יִשְׁפֹּט, עֲנִיֵּי-עָם--יוֹשִׁיעַ, לִבְנֵי אֶבְיוֹן; וִידַכֵּא עוֹשֵׁק. 4 May he judge the poor of the people, and save the children of the needy, and crush the oppressor. 
ה יִירָאוּךָ עִם-שָׁמֶשׁ; וְלִפְנֵי יָרֵחַ, דּוֹר דּוֹרִים
5 They shall fear Thee while the sun endureth, and so long as the moon, throughout all generations. 
ו יֵרֵד, כְּמָטָר עַל-גֵּז; כִּרְבִיבִים, זַרְזִיף אָרֶץ. 6 May he come down like rain upon the mown grass, as showers that water the earth. 
ז יִפְרַח-בְּיָמָיו צַדִּיק; וְרֹב שָׁלוֹם, עַד-בְּלִי יָרֵחַ.
7 In his days let the righteous flourish, and abundance of peace, till the moon be no more.
ח וְיֵרְדְּ, מִיָּם עַד-יָם; וּמִנָּהָר, עַד-אַפְסֵי-אָרֶץ. 8 May he have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the River unto the ends of the earth.
 ט לְפָנָיו, יִכְרְעוּ צִיִּים; וְאֹיְבָיו, עָפָר יְלַחֵכוּ.
9 Let them that dwell in the wilderness bow before him; and his enemies lick the dust. 
י מַלְכֵי תַרְשִׁישׁ וְאִיִּים, מִנְחָה יָשִׁיבוּ; מַלְכֵי שְׁבָא וּסְבָא, אֶשְׁכָּר יַקְרִיבוּ. 10 The kings of Tarshish and of the isles shall render tribute; {N} the kings of Sheba and Seba shall offer gifts. 
יא וְיִשְׁתַּחֲווּ-לוֹ כָל-מְלָכִים; כָּל-גּוֹיִם יַעַבְדוּהוּ. 11 Yea, all kings shall prostrate themselves before him; all nations shall serve him. 
יב כִּי-יַצִּיל, אֶבְיוֹן מְשַׁוֵּעַ; וְעָנִי, וְאֵין-עֹזֵר לוֹ.
12 For he will deliver the needy when he crieth; the poor also, and him that hath no helper. 
יג יָחֹס, עַל-דַּל וְאֶבְיוֹן; וְנַפְשׁוֹת אֶבְיוֹנִים יוֹשִׁיעַ. 13 He will have pity on the poor and needy, and the souls of the needy he will save. 
יד מִתּוֹךְ וּמֵחָמָס, יִגְאַל נַפְשָׁם; וְיֵיקַר דָּמָם בְּעֵינָיו. 14 He will redeem their soul from oppression and violence, and precious will their blood be in his sight;
 טו וִיחִי-- וְיִתֶּן-לוֹ, מִזְּהַב שְׁבָא: וְיִתְפַּלֵּל בַּעֲדוֹ תָמִיד; כָּל-הַיּוֹם, יְבָרְכֶנְהוּ. 15 That they may live, and that he may give them of the gold of Sheba, {N} that they may pray for him continually, yea, bless him all the day.
טז יְהִי פִסַּת-בַּר, בָּאָרֶץ-- בְּרֹאשׁ הָרִים: יִרְעַשׁ כַּלְּבָנוֹן פִּרְיוֹ; וְיָצִיצוּ מֵעִיר, כְּעֵשֶׂב הָאָרֶץ. 16 May he be as a rich cornfield in the land upon the top of the mountains; {N} may his fruit rustle like Lebanon; and may they blossom out of the city like grass of the earth. 
יז יְהִי שְׁמוֹ, לְעוֹלָם-- לִפְנֵי-שֶׁמֶשׁ, ינין (יִנּוֹן) שְׁמוֹ:
 וְיִתְבָּרְכוּ בוֹ
 כָּל-גּוֹיִם יְאַשְּׁרוּהוּ. 17 May his name endure for ever; may his name be continued as long as the sun; {N} may men also bless themselves by him; may all nations call him happy.
 יח בָּרוּךְ, יְהוָה אֱלֹהִים--אֱלֹהֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל: עֹשֵׂה נִפְלָאוֹת לְבַדּוֹ. 18 Blessed be the LORD God, the God of Israel, who only doeth wondrous things; 
יט וּבָרוּךְ, שֵׁם כְּבוֹדוֹ-- לְעוֹלָם: וְיִמָּלֵא כְבוֹדוֹ, אֶת-כֹּל הָאָרֶץ-- אָמֵן וְאָמֵן.
19 And blessed be His glorious name for ever; {N} and let the whole earth be filled with His glory. Amen, and Amen.
כ כָּלּוּ תְפִלּוֹת-- דָּוִד, בֶּן-יִשָׁי. 20 The prayers of David the son of Jesse are ended. {P} 1.

***Psalm 72 is King David's last psalm, and written to King Solomon. The objective is to acknowledge the Nations [Noahides] from Zion, and judge / operate from righteousness. One pillar of the psalm, is that nations and isles will come upon Jerusalem with Gold gifts for the Temple. Verses 14-20 are especially apropos to the current situation and a possible unfolding of events. The rest of the Psalm is in alignment with the Islands of today. 
72:4 - Note  לִבְנֵי   : Libni 

72:7 - Note the family name  יִפְרַח [Eyal Yifrach

72:10 ''The kings of Tarshish and of the isles shall render tribute; the kings of Sheba and Seba shall offer gifts.''

The Metsudas David explains that the Kings of Shvah will bring gifts called TShura - Tshura means ''flowering [Iris/Yifrach]with gifts of gold''.
As we write this,  Rabbi Tovia Singer is in the midst of a pilgrimage to Papua New Guinea and the Papuans want to give their gold to Jerusalem for the Third Temple.  The whole episode of the kidnapping happens when those islands in the Prophecy are in the news.  Tovia Singer's mission is unprecedented... with his presence in the islands at the very time the boys are kidnapped, fulfilling

72:1 [Rabbi Singer was honored similar to a king (in the name of Peace/שלמה - meaning peace)] "To Shlomo, give thy judgments, o' God."
משפטיך = "from" - Shin to Beit, Peh to Vav in atbash, keep the Tet and Yud, while the Kaf Sofit in Atbach becomes Heh = "From Toviah..." [there is a similar hint in this way with the last word of verse 3 and first word of verse 4.

Psalm 72.

72:13  עַל]-דַּל]  - Sofei Teivot Gilad Michael [דל is a common theme in the Psalm, of those in need of mercy]

72:14  מִתּוֹךְ וּמֵחָמָס יִגְאַל נַפְשָׁם - HAMAS
the first and last letters of the boys'  names spell יגאל with a left over [מ [מתוך and [נ [נפשם...leaving the word "and from Hamas" revealed alone
Can be understood as ''in the midst of Hamas.... He will redeem their souls''
"from fraud and Hamas he will redeem their  souls and precious will be their blood in his eyes 
[The leftover ב and ד of the names compose the initial letters of the words for "their blood" and "in his eyes"]

the letters involved are: ב ד א ל י ג מ נ and then "Hamas" easily stands out [יגאל -מ -נ ב-ד]from יעקב נפתלי גילעד מיכאל אייל

72:17 -  ינין (יִנּוֹן) שְׁמוֹ: - can be understood as ''His name [Moshiach] will be Nun'''[see Nun Shaarai Bina above]

72:7 - ריח/ירח another reference to the Nerd spice and 218 reference above.
72:20 [David ben] Yishai - 320, same as Naar above; David is called a Naar.
Yaakov Naftali initial letters = נר - ד'ב'י - the soul/light of David ben Yishai

Now let's look at  Noah 10:28-29: Shvah, Ofir and Havila bringing gold to Jerusalem - in the order of Shem's sons :  our attention is drawn to Shem [Gerim] and gifts of gold, as mentioned above [Tshura].
All 3 names relate to gold in the Torah [Shvah - our Psalm, Ofir, Navi, and Havila, Bereishis]

These are the families of the sons of Noah according to their generations, in their nations, and from these, the nations were separated on the earth after the Flood.  Noah 10:32 
this is immediately followed by the story of the Tower of Babel... the making of the bricks  נִלְבְּנָה לְבֵנִים and the name Libni  Noah 11:3

notice a reference to Migdal [Bavel] מגדל - ג -ד - מ - ל - end/beginning letters to Gilad Michael

11:4  Note the current Iraqi uprising reminding us of the Tower of Babel, both in exact location of the Tower of Bavel, and the general theme of world events, Nimrod comparisons, etc.. *****

The eitzah is in their names and in the Psalm...


Dvora Fairfield said...

The "counsel" is in their names? Shall we heed the eitzah tovah HaShem that we pray for each night as we prepare to retire? Also "Daniel in (all) 3". Could that also be rendered, HaShem is Judge in or through all three? This is an amazing article!! An instructional and sobering teaching to us all from HaShem through these young men and "students". May we study from them to know and live in accordance with what HaShem is revealing and doing in these critical days!! Moshiach and Mikdash HaShlishi soon and in our days!! Amen, Selah.

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