Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Let The New Year's Learning Begin!

Soul Mazal presents the Grand Opening of our "Universal Torah Outreach" studies; an opportunity to connect with God through authentic Torah. Our Mission Statement is simple and clear, as Aaron the Priest said, "Love Peace, Pursue Peace, Love Creation, and bring them close to God" [Ethics of the Fathers]. We are proud to introduce custom tailor made individual courses to students of all backgrounds and knowledge levels, to help all achieve their goals and dreams of developing a refined Torah relationship with The Creator.

Each student will be invited to "sit" down with Rabbi David Katz, to mutually formulate achievable goals in attaining mastery and proficiency, through Ancient Torah and modern tradition. Through classic sources and authentic material, the student will interview with Rabbi Katz, and together a course will be set, with an attainable goal in mind, and fully guided and aided by Rabbi Katz. The results are aimed to produce a paradigm shift that enters one into a world of spirituality through learning Torah that helps shape one's true divine identity [The Torah's "Ger"/Non-Jew]. **The curriculum is intended to raise students with a fresh point of view, while not replacing each student's own personal affairs and/or local institutions.

Note: Upon completion of efforts, certificates of personal achievements can be made available, expressing unique goals met and viable levels attained.

The vision of Soul Mazal [Universal Torah] is to better Humanity towards a World of repair – one that is inseparable from God and is inhabited with Righteous Gentiles living through Torah.  Soul Mazal breaks the mold of yesterday, by aiming to bring each student onto his or her natural God-given path where he can experience The Divine Hand in his or her Life. Through study, service, and prayer by means of a dedicated lifestyle of substance, our goals can be accomplished. The secret of the Torah yearns to come to life – "we can know God in this World, in this lifetime, by means of full revelation and profound relationship."

The following are a few selected areas of study:

[This list is non-comprehensive; any interest/request can and will be met with enthusiasm]

·        Progression in Righteous Living and Service
·        Proficiency in "Torah of the Ger" [introductory and/or advanced "Righteous Gentile" study/service]
·        Individual study/tutoring sessions of any Text study [with goals of specific proficiency in mind
·        "Study Hall Program" – on-going; personal academic development
·        Introduction to Torah Life – for the new arrival/Hebrew/pronunciation – linguistics; becoming familiar in text, speech, and interaction
·        Leadership and Community building
·        Post- Academic involvement and affiliation
·        Shabbat, Weekly Torah Study, and all special engagement planning and appearances
***Each student will be able to grow in his own desired and natural way***

Be a part of this revolutionary time by learning and participating in Universal Torah. Living in our times is ever becoming the Blessing to connect to Torah's understanding of Humanity, for King Solomon said, "There is nothing new under the sun." The Torah speaks to our generation, and the prophetic change that is happening in the World.

May the Blessings and good tidings of building The Third Temple [House of Prayer for all of Mankind] upon Zion in the merit of the True Torah come speedily in our Day,


Rabbi David Pesach Katz
Soul Mazal, Universal Torah

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