Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sometimes It's The Simple Truth

*Disclaimer: It is wise and necessary, that when learning Ger Torah [or any and all Torah for that matter], the scholar at hand should have a sufficient level of understanding of Biblical and Rabbinic Hebrew.

For those that continue to learn the sources [such as Ramchal] in a rudimentary level of English, [they] will continue to come up short in these sacred and holy words of wisdom from tradition and prophecy.

In short, if the Ger is simply only a convert, then all I ask is, "how do you like your Neveilah served to you?" [...which as we know, the Jew is to give the Neveilah as opposed to selling it as he does with the Nochri, i.e. x-tian still in the church.]

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4th kahal...of Gerim. [Taken from Sifre - Midrashic Halacha composed by the Sages of The Talmud, and often parallels the Talmud itself. In other words, this is Chazal.
"B'Kahal Hashem" - [right paragraph that reads בקהל השם]...Rabbi Yehuda says 4 congregations exist; Priestly Congregation, Levite Congregation, Israelite Congregation, and Gerim congregation. [In this context, Gerim must be non-Jews while Israelite must contain converts, for the discussion involves Gerim not marrying Jews while converts as Israelites because now they can marry Jews] The Sages say, [the count is different entirely, leaving the entire system listed as a different concept] there are only three Congregations.
See the Torah Temimah who explains the positions of the Talmud and the outcomes of the Congregations/Houses of "Israel." It should be noted, that King David, explained by Rashi and especially taken up in later generations by such luminaries as Rebbe Nachman [see my shiur on that - Truly Ger] has many times in Psalms spoken of the Four Houses of Israel - Priestly, Levite, Israelite, and the Gerim.


yaak said...

I don't understand your proof that גרים there refers to גר תושב. I don't believe that that is the case. I believe that it refers to female גרי צדק who cannot marry Kohanim.

Kiddushin 72b-73a has רבי יוסי's opinion, which follows the חכמים that קהל גרים לא איקרי קהל. It is definitely talking about גרי צדק.

David Katz said...

i agree, and this is called riboi as opposed to miyut. the riboi here, is a ger tzedek non jew, the same one that the rambam paskens to his existence. also, i suggest you look up the psak from rav kooks beit din concerning the gerim in relation to heiter hamechira where they used this chomer to pasken in the ger toshav that is nec. for the medina. rav kook realized that the same svara could be used for ger toshav as had been used by quasi ger tzedek. [i.e. jew and non jew status of ger tzedek and thus ger toshav who can also be quasi, i..e a muslim vs. a true ger toshav. we have used muslims in this role until this very shmittah.]

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