Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cloning Biblical Evil!

The Torah states that Pre-Flood Evil was the worst that Mankind has ever seen.
(It is also said that we are seriously challenging that distinction today)

One of the evils that existed then, and one that the Torah strongly opposes for our times, is that of "Cloning" - "mixing species."

One of the better arguments that I've heard to explain the dinosaur issue (based on the 5772 year history of Earth as oposed to 15,000,000,000 year old theory) is that they were the product of intense Wisdom in this field of genetic coding that existed Pre-Flood. They are presumed to have had the most advanced knowledge of Physicality on Earth than any Time Period in Jewish History.

Here is yet another attempt of Man to resurrect Pre-Flood evil!
(Also notice that the World was mainly destroyed because of thievery - something we know a little bit about in our Times, no? - Society is built on stealing today!)

A group of South Korean and Russian scientists are planning to bring the woolly mammoth back to life, 10,000 years after the species went extinct. Using tissue samples from the specimens recovered in Siberia after global warming thawed the region's permafrost, the scientists will clone the huge, hairy prehistoric mammals.
In order to resurrect the massive species, the scientists will take an egg cell from an elephant, and remove the cell's nucleus, which is the part that contains most of the cell's genetic material. This will be replaced by a nucleus taken from the mammoth's somatic cell, effectively creating an egg cell that could one day develop into a baby mammoth. But before the researchers can actually do any of this, they first have to find tissues with undamaged genes, and restore the cells after thousands of years of being frozen.
Aside from this particular team of scientists, a researcher from Kyoto University also revealed his plan to resurrect the species. Woolly mammoths roamed the Earth as far back as 150,000 years ago, and went extinct due to climate change and hunting by early humans.

It's bad enough that we have Barney the dinosaur (in tribute to my many hours of Barney association these days!), all we need now is a real Jurassic Park, turning back the clock to Pre-Flood! Funny enough, thats where this is going, and this is what the Torah warns against.
I hope that my only interaction with a dinosaur remains at most with Barney before my kids go to bed.
Cloning is one more reason, why I believe that 5772 is either The End, or something very close to it...Torah says it is, and even more so, Life seems to have the Writing on the Wall.


Anonymous said...

I recently read an article about a dog-pig creature attacking other animals in Namibia. They said it had a head like a dog and the body of a giant pig. They called it a weird hybrid creature.

Poopoo Platepussykatz said...

Are Woolly Mammoths Kosher?

in the vanguard said...

A hybrid animal - like Shatnez - I assume is prohibited to make, although perhaps similar species are allowed, as the Pered - but of all this I know too little.

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