Tuesday, March 20, 2012

God and His Particles - A Gateway to Redemption?

Last year we were acquainted with two scenarios: A fired up Super Collider in Geneva, determined to find God, while pouring out previously unprecedented levels of Power, while at the same time, the World was going through Arab Spring and enduring what looked to be Universal Change like never before.

Now the Collider is getting set into its season of new never seen before energies, which happens to be taking place in 2012. Will the World cosmically respond with a breakthrough in Lights of Redemption? The Summers of 2010 and 2011 were action packed with Messianic Hope, and now we have come to the big one of 5772. My thoughts are as they always have been: the Collider generates Metaphysical changes in upper dimensions, namely in Time and beyond...which I feel can be a vehicle for Hashem to employ Man as an agent to change the World. Physics on a whole new level may be what the Vilna Gaon predicted as a merging of Kabbalah and Science. Perhaps we will live this out this year.

Over the weekend, physicists and engineers at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) nudged proton beam energies to a new record: 4 Tera-electron volts (TeV). This record comes shortly after CERN announced last month they'd be cranking up the juice through 2012.

"Record-breaking 4 TeV beams in the #LHC over the weekend (22h40 CET on Friday to be precise). First collisions at 4 TeV planned for April." -- CERN (Twitter)

Now their goal of 4 TeV has been achieved, CERN aims to collide the first protons at this energy in April. As the LHC collides protons head-on, the counter-circulating protons speeding around the 11-mile ring of supercooled electromagnets under the France-Swiss border will have an effective collision energy of 8 TeV (double the beam energy).

Although these collision energies are impressive, the LHC still isn't operating at its designed maximum. In 2014, after the facility's routine 20-month shutdown, physicists hope that they will be ready to push beam energies to 7 TeV -- culminating in collision energies of 14 TeV.

Big Question for 2012: Is the Higgs Boson Real?

With larger collision energies comes the promise of uncovering new physics. But first on the list of "Cosmic Mysteries to Solve" is to discover the Higgs boson -- the long-theorized (and much-hyped) subatomic particle believed to endow all matter in the Universe with mass. Tantalizing hints of the Higgs are beginning to show in the huge quantity of data being spewed by the LHC and the vast archive of data from the recently retired U.S. Tevatron particle accelerator.

Should the Higgs be confirmed to exist (which is becoming more and more likely as the predicted Higgs signal gets stronger), even more exciting discoveries await as the LHC embarks on a new era of high-energy physics.

Will new Physics produce new Kabbalah?
(...Revelation of Ohr Ganuz - Hidden Light of Creation, from those who are recreating Bereishit!)


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