Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pras, Peres, Pollard...and Novelty?

Is the Torah being fulfilled Allegorically?! - "פרס" will fall into the hands of Edom and Edom will fall into the hands of "פרס"

Is this the final details of Iran, Syria, Hizbullah, Pollard, American-Relations for the Future? The time is Novel and now the only question is, how Novel is this trip of Shimon Peres, when the World is oozing of the Novelty that he theoretically represents?

as Rav Eliyahu said: The Shechinah is with Pollard, thus when he goes out, She goes out, and avenues of Geulah commence...matters of Moshiach ben Yosef.
(Moshiach ben Yosef [Menashe] and the Bias Moshiach?)

Syria is right next door, and is imminently imminent.
After Assad, only Iran is left (and a fast rising Egyptian issue 2.0)
"The Galil will be destroyed" - De facto Syria: Hizbullah (Chemicals?)
"Damascus will cease to be a city" - inching to reality? (May Debka finally be right?)

***Point being: is Shimon Peres - "פרס" being the straw that breaks the camel's back? Not to mention the Erev Rav Armilos comparisons.


Is this just another routine, Nobel Peace Prize like endeavor?! (Arafat, Peres, Obama, etc) They might as well give Rahm Emanuel the Man of the Year Award.


Anyone who was under the impression that the sole purpose of President Shimon Peres’ visit to the United States next week is to receive the Freedom Medal from President Barack Obama is mistaken. Yes, Peres also hopes to obtain the freedom of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard, who is an Israeli citizen, but the president has a lot more than that on his agenda. Peres, who last traveled to the US in March, is scheduled to leave Israel on Saturday night and will be in America from June 10-15. His round of meetings begins in New York on Sunday, and then he will meet with top ranking representatives of the US media. On Monday, he will fly to Washington and will tour the Pentagon, where he will be welcomed by a military honor guard. Following the welcome, Peres, who is a former defense minister, and the key architect of Israel’s defense establishment, will have working meetings with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey and heads of the various branches of the armed forces. Peres will discuss strengthening of the strategic political and defense alliance between Israel and the US. On Tuesday Peres will meet with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Long standing friends, the two will participate in a panel discussion on democracy under the aegis of the Saban Forum. The discussion, in the presence of some 200 major political figures, will be moderated by Martin Indyk a former US ambassador to Israel who is currently vice president and director for foreign policy at the Brookings Institution in Washington. Wednesday is Freedom Medal Day, but Peres will also have a presentation to make to Obama – the exchange of letters between Chaim Weizmann and Harry Truman at the dawn of the establishment of the State of Israel. The presentation ceremony will be followed by a festive dinner at the White House. On Thursday, Peres will meet with leading politicians in Washington and will also have a series of meetings with the media throughout the day. If he is successful in persuading Obama to release Pollard, the focus of his media interviews will be less on Iran and more on Pollard who has been incarcerated for 27 years. In the evening Peres will be the guest of honor at a reception hosted by Israel Ambassador Michael Oren who met with Peres less than a month ago when he was in Israel for the visit by US Secretary for Homeland Security Janet Napolitano. Peres will return to Israel on Friday. On June 19, the President’s Conference Facing Tomorrow opens; The Jerusalem Post Editor-in-Chief Steve Linde will moderate one of the panels.

Is Novelty ready to break?!


Dov Bar-Leib said...

Yes, novelty is about to break after the triple elections in France, Egypt, and Greece on the 27th of Siwan. It is set to break for the collusion of the Spies that began on the 28th of Siwan. They were dispatched on the 29th. Peres is a Sabbatean, but a very unusual one at that. He really believes that by doing anti-Mitzvot he can bring Mashiach. So for over 340 years Sabbateans have been doing anti-mitzvot so that Klal Yisrael would have no merit forcing Mashiach to come. So now even Peres sees the end game. And Yehonatan Pollard is that end game. He has the rei'ach of Mashiach ben Ephraim all over him. So now Peres wants to add to his retinue of anti-Mitzvot one mitzvah, pidyon shevu'im in order to bring to Eretz Yisrael Mashiach ben Ephraim.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

The end game of the first round of novelty will be on Tisha B'Av in order to fulfill Yirmiyahu 51:7 - 19 where at the end Ya'akov's name is spelled with a Vav. It is one of the four Vavs that Eliyahu lost when he tried to return the Torah to G-d at the end of Melachim Aleph. He therefore lost the right to herald four Messianic events before he arrives to herald the coming of Mashiach ben David. The four Messianic events relate to the arrival of Mashiach ben Ephraim of which Yehonatan is either he or is the central part of his coming. Yirmiyahu 51:7 relates to how the nations of the world became drunk because they have sipped the wine of the cup of Bavel. At the time of the destruction of the 1st Temple the Greeks exchanged the stability of Hestia the avodah zarah for stability in the home for Dionysus, the god of the grape harvest, on Mt. Olympus. Yes, the grape harvest the same grape harvest of the Sin of the Spies. This was already foretold in the Zohar that the sun would swallow the 7 stars in the north, the Pleiades during the molad for Siwan. The Pleiades were the party nymphs who were the nursemaids to Dionysus who became one of the Big 12 on Mt. Olympus at the time of the destruction of the First Temple by Bavel thereby fulfilling Yirmiyahu 51:7. The final tikkun associated with that verse is Yirmiyahu 51:19 when the opening ceremonies for the Big 12 on Mt. Olympus is on Tisha B'Av 5772 in London. Kapish??

Anonymous said...

what do you mean by final tikkun by Tisha B'Av 5772? I don't kapish

Anonymous said...

We must assume and realize that all this is leading the way to our ultimate redemption, for Hashem works in mysterious ways - even using the dark side to reach the ultimate good of Geulah.

DS said...

Excuse me, but this is such nonsense. Peres does not WANT to release Pollard: he is being forced to ask Obama by Israeli public opinion. Besides, he didn't say he would ask Obama to release Pollard, he only said he would discuss Pollard with Obama. That discussion could be anything, such as, why it is a BAD idea to release Pollard, as in:

Pollard knows too much about Peres's dirty, crooked and corrupt deals with Iran contra,and he could spill the beans, spoiling the party for dear Shimon. Read Barry Chamish's analysis of Pollard, Iron Contra, and Peres.

If Pollard does get freed, it will only be because Obama has a vested interest in freeing him at this time. And thanks to Hashem of course, and the prayers and activism of Am Yisrael.

Peres does not do Mitzvot, he never believed in Mitzvot, he is the Vatican's chief representative in the State of Israel.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

The party outside of the Land of Israel is ending apparently this summer. All those drunken summers in the lands of our dispersion with Dionysus are coming to an end. It seems that this will tie into the Summer Olympics beginning on Tisha B'Av. Exactly what, we can't know for sure. We won't have Eliyahu explaining all the details of what happens before and including Tisha B'Av in advance. The events of the Final Redemption associated with the 3rd cup of wine at the Seder come out of Tzafun (the afikomen). They were meant to be hidden. We just know that Yirmiyahu cryptically describes four such events ending in Ya'akov's name being spelled with a Vav, each one being one of the four Vavs taken from Eliyahu's name at the beginning of Melachim Bet after he tried to return the Torah. This is so much the case that the final time that Eliyahu's name is mentioned in Navi, his name is also missing a Vav. Behold I am sending to you Eliyah the Prophet before the coming of the great and awesome day of the L-rd. That Vav went to Ya'akov's Name in Leviticus: I will remember my covenant with Ya'akov... That was already fulfilled in 5766 1/2 according to the Zohar VaYeira 119a. That summer the 2nd Lebanon War occurred on the 17th of Tamuz so that all of Olmert's plans for more unilateral disengagements from existing yishuvim were thrown out the window. That was the beginning of the final 6 year process mentioned in the Zohar at that point ending where we are right now, 5772 1/2.

DS said...

Sorry, I forgot:

May I suggest you access my blog, ISRAEL TRUTH TIMES

A chockful of factual and researched information regarding Israel, the world, Edom, Esav, and all our usual players. Peres with his manipulations is discussed untold number of times, among others.

Tzvi Bar-Rashbi said...

This proces will come in to place end western civilation

DS said...

I would like to apologize to Dov Bear Bar Leib: my intention was not to insult him in public, I have a lot of respect for him, both as a person and as a Talmid Chacham. I was reacting to what he said about Shimon Peres: too many people get fooled by this Rasha's mellifluous words. I don't believe for a minute that the Rasha is doing Teshuvah, however I do believe that Hashem has kept him alive to this day for the sake of Jonathan Pollard: if he does a Mitzvah it will be despite himself!

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