Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rome is Burning! (With Grease[Greece])


Greece (Rome's precursor) will fall! And who does the dictatorship of EU (Europe) fall upon? - Germany! - Something Hitler couldn't do, and Merkel - without killing one person has ascended to European Power, and unchallenged!

 [One side note: From the formation of the State of Israel (Israeli Nukes were heavily rooted in Germany) until today, Germany has created and sustained Israel! and from this World Jewry [!], as Zionism implemented is massive; while the destruction of Iran is being issued by and made POSSIBLE by Germany and the new submarines!  It is a previous Lubavitcher Rebbe that said Amalek can even get a Tikkun, upon which the Gra says Germany is a form Amalek (see WWII). The Gra goes on and explains how Amalek "swaps" and is germinating within the Jews; one Amalekite of the Nations joins while one Jew [at a time] inter-marries out: hence, the "swap." From this point the Ramchal talks about the "Keil" of the Samech Mem latches onto Holiness. Amalek only exists by their ability to "change form" and "swap." Kabbalistically, there is an inyan how penimius and chetzonius works with Klippah and Kedusha; the Penimius of both is in a swap, to which the Gra says: the war with the Erev Rav / Katan [Amalek] is the most bitter! - As Klippah and Kedusha become perverted!

So here you have Europe, Greece, and Rome at large falling, while Germany is rising? Jews are doing Teshuva, while "Torah Judaism" is claiming you are a Kofer if you are reading this blog! (Asifa! and yet the ENTIRE frum World is still somehow connected despite the complaints [rooted in hypocrisy]) The question is: what is reality, Worldly and Torah for the matter?!

We need to open our eyes, get educated, and see that Torah is going on all around us; its not even ironic, rather its SUPERNATURAL!

As European leaders grapple with how to preserve their monetary union, Greece is rapidly running out of money. Government coffers could be empty as soon as July, shortly after this month’s pivotal elections. In the worst case, Athens might have to temporarily stop paying for salaries and pensions, along with imports of fuel, food and pharmaceuticals. Officials, scrambling for solutions, have considered dipping into funds that are supposed to be for Greece’s troubled banks. Some are even suggesting doling out i.o.u.’s. Greek leaders said that despite their latest bailout of 130 billion euros, or $161.7 billion, they face a shortfall of 1.7 billion euros because tax revenue and other sources of potential income are drying up. A wrenching recession and harsh budget cuts have left businesses and individuals with less and less to give for taxes — and growing incentive to avoid paying what they owe. The budget gap is widening as the so-called troika of lenders — the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Commission — withholds 1 billion euros in bailout money earmarked for government financing while it waits to see whether new leaders elected June 17 will honor Greece’s commitments. Even if the troika delivers that money, Greece will struggle to cover its obligations. It underscored a harsh reality that is playing out in other troubled euro zone economies. Prolonged austerity is making it harder, not easier, for governments like Greece to become self-reliant again. A top Spanish official acknowledged on Tuesday that Spain could not readily return to the markets to raise money because investors are demanding such high rates, highlighting how the debt crisis is spreading to larger economies in Europe. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany said a day earlier that European leaders needed to find a way to create the political union that the world is looking for to complement their monetary union. European officials took a small step in that direction Tuesday by proposing a central authority for banking regulation, which would require countries to give up a bit of cherished sovereignty. An essential element of Greece’s recovery plan has been to collect more taxes from a population that has long engaged in tax avoidance. The government is owed 45 billion euros in back taxes, tax officials in Athens said, only a fraction of which will ever be recovered. To understand the difficulty, just talk to Nikos Maitos, a longtime official in Greece’s financial crimes investigation unit. When he and a team of inspectors recently prowled the recession-hit island of Naxos for tax evaders, a local radio station broadcast his license plate number to warn residents. “One repercussion of the crisis is that people are harder to find,” Mr. Maitos, an imposing, burly man, said last week in his sweltering office on the edge of Athens. “And when you do find them, they don’t have money.” Even tax collectors, who have had to take large pay cuts, find that budget reductions make it hard to pay for the gasoline needed to reach their targets. “After two and a half years of austerity, it’s really a difficult time to bring in revenue,” said Harry Theoharis, a senior official in the Greek Finance Ministry who helps oversee the country’s tax payment system. “You can’t keep flogging a dead horse.” Salaries and pensions in the private and the public sectors have been cut by up to 50 percent, leaving Greece 495 million euros short of its revenue targets in the four months ended in April, according to the Greek Finance Ministry. With less cash, consumers have curbed spending, leading thousands of taxpaying businesses to fail. Income expected from a higher, 23 percent value-added tax required by the bailout agreement has fallen short by around 800 million euros in the first four months of 2012. That is partly because cash-short businesses that were once law-abiding have started hiding money to stay afloat, tax officials said. Greece’s General Accounting Office said recently that the state collected 25 percent less revenue in May than it did a year earlier. And the state has had to slash its goal of raising 50 billion euros from privatizations to just 3 billion euros as foreign investors lose interest. That has left a caretaker government scrambling for a Plan B. One thought is to take billions of euros reserved for recapitalizing Greek banks, which have suffered from a flight of deposits amid political uncertainty and fears that Greece may abandon the euro for its own currency. But using that money would require the troika’s approval. Other notions, like i.o.u.’s and scrip, so far are only that — ideas. To some extent, government officials said the tax-avoiding mentality is starting to change amid an aggressive enforcement campaign aimed at 500 wealthy individuals and companies, including former ministers and heads of state agencies and enterprises. People took notice in April when a former defense minister was arrested on charges of corruption and making false declarations related to his income and taxes. “They are awed when they see inspectors now because of recent cases showing people will be prosecuted or made to pay,” Mr. Maitos said. Tax collectors got another potential lift recently when the government started enforcing a 1995 law that gives them access to bank accounts of suspected tax evaders. But Nikos Lekkas, a top official at the financial crimes agency where Mr. Maitos works, said Greek banks had obstructed nearly 5,000 requests for account data since 2010. “The banks delay sending the information for 8 to 12 months,” he said. “And when they do, they send huge stacks of documents to make it confusing. By the time we can follow up, much of the money has already fled.” In the past two years, the agency managed to assess back taxes worth 650 million euros on 210 of the cases, he said. But only 65 percent could be collected. One challenge lies in what Mr. Lekkas calls the big fish — 18,300 offshore businesses belonging to wealthy Greek individuals and companies. Authorities are trying to trace the owners through property records, and they recently seized several large properties linked to offshore companies whose owners owe tens of millions of euros to the state. That leaves collectors having to go after mostly smaller tax evaders, often with mixed results. During a surveillance trip on the resort island of Santorini, Mr. Maitos said he and two colleagues observed a gas station owner insisting on cash-only transactions to avoid declaring taxes. When confronted, the man lashed at them with a bullwhip while cursing the state for taking his money. Officials said things might improve drastically once Greece’s entire tax system is computerized, a move that is supposed to be completed by the end of this year. Charalambos Nikolakopoulos, the head of the Greek tax collectors’ union, said there was no need for outsiders to straighten things out. “Yes, we need change,” Mr. Nikolakopoulos said. “But things will only improve in Greece when we get a stable government that will impose its political will.”

...and according to Kabbalah: The Bias Moshiach came, is here, and is coming towards us. (Hillel the Amora says: Ain Moshiach B' Yisrael! - to which the Ramchal explains: Gilui Moshiach is MUCH later)
Now, to just live it, connect to it, breathe it, spread it, bring it! - in 5772+....חזה ציון


Leah said...

Holy Shmoly! That is huge. Massive fraud and fear and austerity. If I envision Greece, it's like watching a country literally swirling down to the bottom of the ocean in a tornado motion.
The Amalek /Germany/ Israel connection is very auspicious. Klal Yisroel needs to do teshuvah and to study Torah- to come back to Hashem.
Excellent article.

Anonymous said...

Can you please explain: "The Bias Moshiach came, is here, and is coming towards us" and "Gilui Moshiach is MUCH later".
Thank you.

rabbi david katz said...

good question:

a) the Gra says kabalistically the Geulah is now (5772)
b) the gemara says: ain moshbiach b' yisrael; of which the ramchal in his seder geulah explains geulah starts before moshiach and that moshiach is a much later on revelation. for further clarification, the midrash "nasso" says moshiach;s maintask (al pi torah) is to give 30 mitzvot to noahides. (please look inside to gain full grasp of the midrash)
c) Rav Eliyahu quotes chafetz chaim (who lays out "chazah Tzion" - to live geulah before gilui mamash) as "bias moshiach" is the gilui of the shechina in the world.
d) thus the time is here, and our inertia (which could seem like forever towards 6000) keeps us in galus. the goal is to connect to bias moshiach consciousness, and efectively work on tikkun olam (which is and should be an am yisrael inyan and teshuvadik-which it is always based on teshuva, and not relying on a savior)as we inch towards 6000 and THE moshiach, the bias moshiach will grow, and relatively soon there wil be a removal of histaras panim, of which people will begin to recognize geulah, as kabalah says is the objective reality right now. its our subjective, non-pondering inertia that dwells in darkness. the goal is to consider emes, which ultimately will bring out bias moshiach into a consciousness. to not consider the truth, one will remain in darkness, theoretically until THE moshiach comes, and this non-believer will have arrived not from merit.

rabbi david katz said...

if there is interest on this topic: moshiach vs bias moshiach, and the nafka mina's of both...ill be glad to make posts about it. tghe pushut pshat of moshiach and geulah: is that they are highly not pushut and highly detailed in many parts and pieces. thus the idea of: MBD and a stam geulah is a) not spoken of practically anywhere and b) not practical and c) not the true grandeur of what geulah and moshiach are- i.e. this is geulah: the tachlis of 6000 years of creation and the meaning of everything...the sum of the secrets of the Torah are the Geulah. so to speak of it as a simple point in time laced with an action-hero savior, is selling God's plan quite short.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

According to the Arizal, the Yud spelled Yud Vav Dalet from HaShem's Name fills Olam HaBeriah from the 7th of Siwan until the 26th of Siwan. This was preceded by the 72 Gematriah Name of HaShem spelled out letter by letter between the 25h of Adar and Shavuot filling the World of Atzilut. The 63 Gematriah Name of HaShem begins to fill Olam HaBeriah on the 7th of Siwan, and the Yud fills into Olam HaBeriah until the 26th of Siwan (Yud Vav Dalet is Gematriah 20). Then the Hey follows starting on the 27th of Siwan. When the spies corrupted Olam HaBeriah by their devious plan to get Klal Yisrael to reject Eretz Yisrael, it began with their conspiracy on the 28th of Siwan. They left on their task to spy out the Land on the 29th of Siwan. It should be noted that they therefore corrupted the part of Olam HaBeriah where Hey is spelled Hey Yud starting on the 27th or the 28th of Siwan. This year the 27th of Siwan is June 17th, and the results of the Greek re-elections will be known on the 28th of Siwan, just in time for markets to open on Monday morning, June 18th. So this is a heads up.

Also The Flame virus in the CyberRakia seems to have created great fear in the hearts of its discoverer Eugene Kaspersky and others to the point that he just declared that "This could mean the end of the world as we know it." at a cyber-security conference in Tel Aviv. This is noteworthy because the massively complex and threatening computer virus was discovered on Isru Chag of Shavuot, exactly 60 days before Tisha B'Av. So this seems to be the Flame of Black Fire hanging in the Rakia for 60 days. It followed on the heels of the solar eclipse where the sun swallowed up the 7 Sisters (Pleiades), the party girl nursemaids to Dionysus, the god of the "grape harvest" and wine consumption for toga partygoers everywhere. This would seem to indicate a massive tikkun is in progress for the Sin of the Spies who left for Eretz Yisrael on the 29th of Siwan at the time of the first grapes. Another heads up.

I should note that the scheduled destruction of the Ulpana neigborhood is on the 11th of Tamuz, at the end of the filling of the first hey spelled Hey Yud (gematriah 15) in Olam HaBeriah. Something is going to happen to repair that portion of Olam HaBeriah that was wrought by the Sin of the Spies on that date.

george said...

Why does moshiach first appear at meron? Why did kabbalah evolve from tzfat? The answer is right in front of you. Mount meron is the original garden of eden. The tree of knowledge is elon morah in shechem which is on the slope of the mountain. The tree of life is also in the mountain but hidden veru well. Moses came to this same mount and saw the burning bush. It was a desert at that time because of the 430 year famine. Only when moses returned with the isrselites he passsed the waters of meribah dead sea and came to meron which was called horeb at that time. He broke the rock and the meron stream or amud nachal was created. This same amud nachal is bet lechem. Rachel is burried under the pillar. The chair of elijah is the pillar jacob made at bet el. Hebron is south of the mountain and abraham and his family besides rachel are burried there. Moshiach will come from joseph and not david since josephh has two dreams of ruling over his brothers. The first time was fulfilled in egypt. 2nd is moshiach. Jacob prophecised that the kingship shall not depart from judah until shilo come. Shilo was north of bet el where the tabernacle was and we know now bet el was in meron. Also gilgal is the same giled that jacob.made in the golan heights. It today is called gilgal rephaim. Wheel of stones. God gives joshua directions to the mountains of gerizim and ebal. Gerizim is meron. God commands that it is towards the setting of the sun from gilgal . East. And take google earth and drive east of gilgal rephaim. U come to bet el the pillar of jacob. The same is mount aararat and garden of the lord and shehm and moriah and sinai and horeb. These revelations will send shock waves through israel and in that day they will feel ashamed for their wicked ancestors who changed their king from god to saul and then david. Then changing the location and making a copy of the ark. The real ark is burried in meron with the manna and the covenant and the original copy of torah that moses wrote and the rod of aaron. There is only one garden of eden and one bet el and one sinai and horeb . And this is precisely why god gave them israel to guard this place from the nations. But we failed and god confused the place of worship to guard it. Look what they romans did to jeruasalem. It is a pig sti. All stone and no nature. But meron is pure and holy and god keeps watch over his garden. Amen. May moshiach.come in our days

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