Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Its Star Wars Chewbacca!

Well, we have arrived to the laser warfare age, for better or worse.

The internet seems to speak a lot about End of Days material, and the biggest proof that I see that this is correct is that it is here [i.e. people talk/look for it] and it isn't going to disappear. Geulah consciousness is here for good and will only grow; this tells me if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then, well, its a duck.

One interesting facet to this equation is how the World will become replaced with spirituality from its sheker. I for one will be glad when warfare is over, so we need not to witness countless ways to obliterate our enemies; in this case, that would be  North Korea.


 The US Navy said Monday it will deploy for the first time a laser weapon on one of its ships that could be capable of shooting down drones and disabling vessels.

"The future is here," said Peter Morrison at the Office of Naval Research's Solid-State Laser Technology Maturation Program.

The weapon is being billed as a step toward transforming warfare.

Since it runs on electricity, it can fire as long as there is power at a cost of less than $1 per shot.

"Compare that to the hundreds of thousands of dollars it costs to fire a missile, and you can begin to see the merits of this capability," Chief of Naval Research Rear Admiral Matthew Klunder, said in a statement.

The prototype, which one official said cost between $31 million and $32 million to make, will be installed aboard the USS Ponce, which is being used as a floating base in the Middle East, sometime in fiscal year 2014, which begins in October.

Klunder said the Navy expects that someday incoming missiles will not be able to "simply outmaneuver" a highly accurate laser beam traveling at the speed of light.

A new report from the Congressional Research Service praises the laser technology but also notes drawbacks, including the potential it could accidentally hit satellites or aircraft. Weather also affects lasers.

"Lasers might not work well, or at all, in rain or fog, preventing lasers from being an all-weather solution," it said in its report issued on March 14.


a nunimaus said...

The headline, accompanying pic, abstract, everything in your post, made me lol, which is a rarity these days. Is that bad?

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