Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shem - A High Occupation of G''er

Click Here [download link] For Shem Up Close - Ger Series # 5

  • Shem - Malki Tzedek
  • Tree of Life and Shem
  • Sarah and Shem
  • Yeshiva of Shem and Ever
  • Genesis and Torah of Shem and Ever
  • Judah, David, Solomon - and Shem?
  • ...and much much more
Class Time: Wed 11 P.M. - Torah of Ger / Noahide
                    Sat 10 P.M. - Parasha Shavua [based on article]

Click Here For Class Link: Enter/Registration


Anonymous said...

Shalom Rabbi Katz,

I would love to learn your articles but I'm deaf. I can't hear any audio. Is there other way for me to learn instead of listen audio?

Thank you,


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