Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Fire of the Ger - Lag B' Omer Special In Tzfat

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[it is recommended to cover both forms of material for best comprehension]
  • Beis Hamikdash Shlishi - Ezekial
  • Zar - Members of Israel
  • Priests and High Priests
  • Truth Conversion
  • Parasha in Zohar and Haftorah Highlights
  • Shem, Tamar until David and Solomon
  • The Light of Messiah
  • and more
Don't Forget Class Times:

Motzie Shabbat 10 P.M. - Parasha Shavua
Wed 11 P.M. - Ger / Noahides in Torah

*3rd Class Coming Soon! [now accepting donations of energy boosts to give class!]
- I plan on launching a 3rd new class series once the summer kicks in and I can feasibly commit to it and my schedule eases up, hence the comment above. Stay Tuned in all seriousness, as I am shooting for Prime Time Sunday Night U.S. The class will cover Noahide Shabbat based on Oral Torah sources and Tradition, along with a return to the popular Torah of Shem series.

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