Thursday, July 25, 2013

Soul Mazal By George! [alexander louis luvva!]

Here is the Soul Mazal [dry version] rundown of the newest Royale:

  • George Alexander Louis son of William and Kate
  • George [from Land of "George" - Gog-ish] - context: Gog Magog [the West]
  • George/Farmer; Alexander/Warrior; Louis/famous Warrior;William/Helmet;Kate/Pure
  • Alexander qualifies George - think "Alexander the Great defines George"...the Louis/Warrior...
  • The lineage is 100% WAR AND CONQUER: George...Alexander..etc...and PURE of it
  • The Pope is also a George, thus Gog Magog [as is known the Church and the Royals]
  • Expect the Ben Noach [in the literal sense; George = Farmer] that is Alexander Part 2
  • William's full name is: William [helmet] Arthur [stone] Philip [lover of horses] Louis [warrior]
  • Kate Elizabeth [Elisheva  in Hebrew] - Pure "My God is (of) seven" - hence George ben Kate!
This should serve as a good primer and insight into Aristocracy Names. The Mazal is in the Names, and it shows the paths of blood and seed; families have a path in history!

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