Sunday, July 14, 2013

Torah of Shem: Finally in HD

Parashas Devarim

  • Torah of Shem
  • Iyov Understood
  • Og and Eliezer
  • Moshe and Pinchas
  • Fractal Torah
  • Torah From Abraham
  • etc.


Anonymous said...

i appreciate collective studies of the weekly parsha, but today, i was deeply discouraged by how similar people could be to historical figures, and that the slightest of tikkunim can generate such profound regret. it may be personal displeasure with my own neck of the wilderness that eats away at exile, but i extract joy from those select regions that are flourishing and continually cast my vision for shalom in that direction.

yechezkel does similarly is my novice understanding.

exile isn't self-imposed. i suppose protesting plagues is fruitless, if they're decreed. it's not a pleasant sight to be in the midst of, to notice on my own body, but the merciful horizon becomes that much more of a reality. there's not much to say, otherwise.

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