Sunday, May 4, 2014

Psalms In-Depth - King Solomon and Noahides Unite!

Don't miss the new Psalms In-Depth Universal Torah series.
Every Sunday 11 P.M. Tzfat time [allowing for holidays and special events according to the Jewish Calendar]

Every week we take 1-2 verses of Psalm #72 - King David's last Psalm, a final charge to King Solomon, one that instructs the need to give Torah to the Nations in order to bring Moshiach!

Join us in our classroom, or catch the links to class downloads here on Soul Mazal!

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Click here for the first Psalm class in the series!

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Anonymous said...

CCTV reports that a delegation from China just visited Ethiopia. Na'amah bat Ammon reminds me of Chinese or Northeast Asian percussionists. I find how China responds intuitively to world events sudden, but timely. Kaifeng are also reminiscent of Yissachar. The Chinese work hard, but lounge a lot, when the op arises. Just some info regarding Sinit listed in Genesis. That country, in concert with the Creator of Israel, appears to be capable of being the k'ruv vehicle to the She'China.

Anonymous said...

It is the Struggle over the B'nei Noahide laws that is igniting the increasingly Contentious Conflicts between Nations.

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