Monday, May 12, 2014

Signs of Redemption Shining

The Zohar reports that Prophecy stems from the Torah's Noah that in the year 5500 [Jewish Calendar] / 1739  - 6 AM on the paradigm clock [6 Days =Up to 6000 Years of creation of which we are nearly finished with, standing currently at 5774] through the year 5600 [100 years] the wellsprings of Heaven and Earth shall pour forth.

In that time we saw the Industrial Revolution happen on Earth and Torah Scholarship was at unprecedented levels as we saw today's most prominent paths in Torah become  revealed through luminaries such as the Vilna Gaon and the Baal Shem Tov - the fathers of current Talmudic Study and Chassidut.

Scolars point to this prophecy and simultaneously attribute this time to the famous prediction of the Book of Daniel, a book that is said to contain the time and signs of the Messiah, as it famously says, "up to a time, times, and a half." The Vilna Gaon understands that to be a sign for his very own time of existence - 5500, 6 AM the time that the spirit of the Messiah first became aroused on Earth. This was figuratively at the crack of dawn on the paradigm 6th day of Creation [1739] as we head into our destination of Universal Shabbat.

Today we are standing just after 12:30 PM a time that we can begin to pray the afternoon prayer, and one can halachically begin Shabbat preparations.

If we are indeed in auspicious times, then perhaps we should read further into Daniel, as he says, "upon the completion of the fragmenting of the hand.." He said this in regards to the 5500 time period that would extend until it finished; remember it began with a reference to Noah and the symbolism of the year 1739 and all that was happening on Earth at that time - such that we to this day eat of its fruit spiritually and physically; its the same model today!

...Then we  reached the future that is now. Welcome to 3D Printing:

If We are indeed currently witnessing a Second Industrial Revolution, a Physical Miraculous Time, then we should assume that in Spirituality there is another revolution taking place as well. In case one doesn't know where this Torah is to be found, perhaps we should look to the source of the prophecy itself - to Noah. Today Noahides are racing back, and bringing an awareness of Torah that is unprecedented! Only the Zohar Chadash also had this in mind, for it said, in the time of Redemption, the Zohar would be like a spiritual Noah's Ark for all to board safely through heretical waters endangering existence. Welcome to the future; get on board, and taste the sweet waters of redemption, as we get ever nearer to the delights of the River that extends from Eden, the level of the Messianic Shofar Blast - The Understanding of the Torah of The awaited and predicted Messiah.

Symmetry plays far too perfect; and if you haven't stepped into the new/old Torah angles of Noahides/Gerim - well, you are missing out. Step onto Noah's Ark - there is room! And we may not have a choice, for if the World continues its march to Zion, the ways of exile will yield to the eventual Torah of the Messiah...and indeed that is where we are headed - in spirituality and physicality.


yaak said...

I believe you mean 5600 (1839-1840).

David Katz said...

“in the sixth century of the sixth millennium, the gates of the supernal wisdom will be opened, as will the springs of the earthly wisdom, preparing the world to be elevated in the seventh millennium.
Zohar, part I, 117a
5500-5600....which is the 6 am shita; keep in mind ad v' ad v' chlal and ad vlo ad vchlal

yaak said...

Rabbi Katz, I believe that your translation is imprecise. I will quote the Zohar to you in its original Aramaic, as you can see here:

ובשית מאה שנין לשתיתאה יתפתחון תרעי דחכמתא לעילא ומבועי דחכמתא לתתא ויתתקן עלמא לאעלא בשביעאה. כבר נש דמתתקן ביומא שתיתאה מכי ערב שמשא לאעלא בשבתא. אוף הכי נמי. וסימניך בשנת שש מאות שנה לחיי נח וגו'. נבקעו כל מעיינות תהום רבה

We see that it specifically refers to the 600th year of the sixth millennium - not the 6th century.

David Katz said...

1st) ad v' ad v'chlal and ad vad vlo v'chlal
read artscroll commentary of the storne chumash parashas noach 7:11
also, lamysa, it basically did go from just after 1739 until 1840.

yaak said...

Bimhila to them, but I believe that the editors of the Stone Chumash are in error unless I see a valid source to support that claim in a Sefer. I have looked and could not find any Sefer that supports reading the full century into the Zohar. In addition, it makes no sense to say so since if they wanted to say 5500, the Zohar could have said 500 years into the millennium AND ON. Why mention 600 years at all? Obviously, it's referring to a BEGINNING date - not an end date.

Furthermore, Lema'aseh, we don't need to consider the First Industrial Revolution dates as to when this Zohar is referring to - it more likely is referring to the Second Industrial Revolution (when use of technological advances were much more widespread) which was from 1840-1870 and"was characterized by the build out of railroads, large scale iron and steel production, widespread use of machinery in manufacturing, greatly increased use of steam power, and by electrical communications" according to Wikipedia.

If you can find me a source other than the Stone Chumash that supports your claim, I'd like to see it.

David Katz said...

the sulams wording brings multiple angles. he brings like you say in the parasha, and his other loshon in peirsuh lends itself to be darshoned lefi ad v ad v chlal shitas. the paradigm is, you can daven until 10. do you know what that means yaak? - until 10 - its a sugia in berachos. all jewish time is tekufa based and not nekuda based. its the same idea as plag hamincha as a tekufa and not just a nekuda. read it in berachos and email me if you questions about it.

yaak said...

I'm not talking about other Tekufot. I'm talking about this Zohar in particular. Even if it is Tekufa-based, the tekufa is the YEAR 600 - not the 6th century. It is absolutely clear from the wording of the Zohar that this is true, and in my view and my humble opinion, it is impossible to understand the Zohar otherwise. The Sulam says nothing of a century or Ad Ve'ad Bichlal of the century. Rather, he mentions the "Vav" to designate the entire 6th millennium.

Every source I've seen about this Zohar says 5600. Again, if you can find a clear source (other than Artscroll) that it means 5500 or 5501, I'd like to see it.

David Katz said...

all time plays by the same rules

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