Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Men of Nobility Will Come To Jerusalem....[King David]

God Willing Rabbi Natan Gamedze will begin sharing his story and unique perspective in Torah with Gerim [who are in similar positions of life changing spiritual decisions] and the Nations.

Rabbi Gamedze seeks to shed light from his personal experience and spread his light into a diverse world of many types of Gerim and "Nations" seeking the guidance of how to navigate the spiritual web of reality. The goal is the same for all: to come close to the Almighty through Mitzvot; the challenge is learning which mitzvot each soul needs to attain his goal and leave behind the darkness from being afar.

Rabbi Gamedze is known to quite King David often," it is the closeness of Hashem that is Good." God Willing we will all come close, by working together as Humanity filled with Jews and Gerim - each soul partnering up to move the soul and body together - into the intimate chambers of the warmth of God that we call Light.

May this planet be soon filled with the Light of Knowledge of God, illuminating a physical path that is in the most surreal way ultra-spiritual; truly making "Mazal" come to Earth - the revealed connection to God that brings His hand upon hearts, through the Torah that He delivers to us each day as the Manna of the Ancients.

Who needs astrology when the Mazal [dripping revealed Elokus - literally, as Mazal comes from the word "to drip (from above)] of Divine Reality in revelation will become a way of life on will be a time when not only our names and souls will be made known to us [as they always were, but we were blind to our own "calling of name from Hashem"] but  the Name(s) of God as well.


Londoner said...

Utterly inspiring story that goes straight to your soul. May he spread the light of Torah amongst the nations and all who encounter him.

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