Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Descent Into Novelty

Read about Terence McKenna's Time Theory 

In short, through meditations of the I-Ching McKenna was able to identify a scientific fractal identity to time itself. Through study of time, we saw that there is indeed an "end" to time, something he calls a descent into novelty. Although novelty is scarcely defined by him, he describes novelty the best he can [as he died in 2000] by depicting a reality [seen through the lens of time] much like we are experiencing now. Despite the fact that his conclusions were drawn to 2012 [aside from the Mayan calendar], we do see that our world's plight was born around that time, for extremism officially began between 2010-11. McKenna openly states the 2012 isn't a definitive date to search for in time, but rather to anticipate the new epoch of novelty.


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