Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Original Wisdom Within Names

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...It doesn't stop with the name!

Everything ever communicated, written, expressed, or thought of contains an infinite amount of Mazal - Ancient [Original] Wisdom [illuminated by Torah].

From the names we have, the practical list is immense!

  • Business Names
  • Location and address
  • Pets
  • Potential Matches
  • Personal writing
  • Mazal in Trends
  • Torah in Life
  • Any curiosity of the mind
  • Life revelation and clarity
  • Reveal purpose and [hidden] meaning
  • Clear sense of self
  • ...and endlessly more!
Please contact me at for:
  • Free consultation and examples of work
  • FAQ
  • And a more in-depth idea of what "understanding mazal" means [with purpose], why it is important, and how it it is unique beyond expectation.
"Some things in Life are you just good, and this is one of those pleasant surprises" 
          - The Soul Mazal Experience


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