Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Are You Asking - "What Does My Name Mean?"

             Are You Asking:

"What Does My Name Mean?!"

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What is Kabbalah Name Reading? What is in a Name? What does my name mean? What will a Kabbalah Name reading reveal?
Every person that has ever lived or will live is given their essential name. This name is their soul’s message for Mankind. Your “Mazal” is your message, and ultimately you alone tell your “prophetic” message.  This is what a Kabbalah Name Reading can do for you!
Every person in Greater Israel [Jew and Noahide/Ger] must do his utmost to reach the level of the supreme numbers concealed within his name which can be computed in gematria. Each person is encouraged and empowered to achieve what is concealed in the gematria of his name. Otherwise, he may have to undergo a new gilgul [return to existence] to repair what he did not complete in this gilgul, for this is the nature of Man’s descent into this World.

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