Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Galus China Is Finally Here!

Is Netanyahu letting us know about the future? Erev Rav Agenda = Create the pipeline of the Orient flowing into Israel, forging an eternal bond, one of eternal exile. With Erev Rav braintrust, and Oriental man power, coupled with a horrendous Tumah prevailing upon the World, this would not be good.

The Year of the Dragon - The year of the Nachash?
Nachash = 358 (נחש) opposite Moshiach 358 (משיח) ; One opposite the other

One Sod here: part of the gathering of the exiles, is the flourishment of Bnei Noach; take the two words נחש  and משיח, and we can see two concepts in code - thus when exile is over and Moshiach comes, we will be joined by Bnei Noach!
נחש= the letter ש is a letter of Emet, and the other letters spell: נח, thus "The Truth of Noah"
משיח = the letters שם and חי, "Shem Lives!"

When Moshiach comes and the Nachash is dead, we will proclaim the truth of Noach as his son Shem, [Ben Noach] Lives!
Thus the World will be rectified, and the Jewish People can be a Light to the Nations - as now there would be proper Nations to join in on the Torah, as it is said, "The Knowledge of God will fill the World" - but there must be a World!
The Nachash wants there to be destruction and desolation in the World, and Moshiach is the Ko-ach to restore order to the World, showing the two Nations can live together in Shalom: Noahides and Jewish People.
Galus China prevents this with its Tumah, whereas Geulah is reparation of schism, rather than poor management.

May we see Moshiach in the year 5772, as opposed to seeing another "Year of the Dragon."


Anonymous said...

Yikes I was born in the year of the Dragon!

Anonymous said...

Where in the tanach did Hashem establish bnei Noah?

The Rabbinic contraption/consolation has no basis in the tanach.

The Rabbis have recreated Hashem after their own imagination !!!

duvid pesach said...

it is very clear in the psukim that bnei noach were conceived as Gods will and in the mesorah given to noach.

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