Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Vilna Gaon's Name In Soul Mazal

                                            אליהו בן שלמה זלמן טריינא

  • Initial Letters: 310 = שי = A gift (with connotation of Presenting [before One, to come before in person])
  • אליהו בן שלמה זלמן, comes to 606 = תור (Turtledove, as in "Kol Hator) / 606  = Essence (of being)
  • End Letters: ה''נון = of the 50 Gates of Understanding
  • ...of the Father's Name: מן של מה ז''ל  = "A Type of What [makes him] Zichron LeBeracha" ; What Kind of Jew Was He Really? (after we settle all disputes!)
  • Rearrange Father's Name Again: מזל לשמנה - the 8th of 13 Attributes of Hashem: Storing Kindness: [נוצר חסד] - davka comes with usage of מזל, usage of the word: Mazal; The Mazal of Being Beyond Nature - "8th" ; מזל לנשמה - Mazal of the Soul.
  • End Letters: הא נון - Take the Nun [Gates of Understanding] - To Achieve it
  • Beginning Letters: ז אש טב = The Zayin ז is Good Fire; The Gra has made the letter ז / Zayin a fueled letter. In Parashas Zachor, there is a machlokes over how to pronounce the Zayin of the mitzvah "wiping out Amalek". The Gra is father of this machlokes in written text. The Chafetz Chaim has learned how to do deal with this, namely scanning one way while pronouncing another. This is the one area we wouldnt want machlokes, and its the Gra that teaches how to go through machlokes to its demise rather than be subject to the machlokes itself; to resolve a contradiction and find peace. The sefardim pasken accordingly. The Pussuk we read says, "you shall not forget" - funny, when baalei machlokes are asked why they read the "zayin" twice, they say they dont know why, or they forgot - point taken. This ז / zayin is a major foundation in the Gra's principles, especially when focusing on Amalek.
  • אט בש  - with ז; notice there is אט of atbach, with ט  rather than a ת - another style of remez, while its conclusion here is בש of normative atbash את בש גר...thus the Gra is showing how to use many different styles of remez, and how they can work together to understand Torah. A Remez within Remez. ז  is a weapon, warfare with spirituality and Torah, and using one's mind.
  • ננ אוה (end letters) A Desire of the Double Nun - In the Book of Bamidbar, there are 2 upside down Nun's, implying that there is a hidden book of the Torah, as the letters encased inside the 2 upside down nun's, has 85 words, the amount necessary to compose a book onto itself, thus the Torah flexes out to have 7 books total. Here, The Gra's Name shows a desire for 7 Books of Torah.
  • End Letters: 112 - Gematria: Kavod Elokim (beyond nature, God in Creation); Shalom in Atbash (as we see challenging machlokes to find Peace); Moshiach in Atbash; Hashem [Hu] Elokim - Kiddush Hashem, as his namesake said, Elijah.
  • The name drawn out implies: אל-ה'- ב''ן-של-מה-ז''ל-מן is Keil (God), is Hashem; with Understanding of What? [as Wisdom is Koach Mah in letters, the power of What - interestingly, Chabad Chassidus]; Is a Memory of Blessing In Particular/ From Understanding itself; Memory of Blessing like Manna ; From a Blessed Memory.
  • End Letters: הא לוי  - Take Levi, Inyan Myser, as Yaakov gave Levy to Hashem as myser - To be a Kohen to God; All the implications of "Levy" and "Kohen"; Gematria 52, in alignment with אליהו and בן both being 52 also; Eliyahu being this Kohen - Levy davka.
  • ז שבא ט  - "The Zayin that comes is Good" - the definition of the Wars of the Gra, can be understood with the Double Zayin as we mentioned with Amalek; The Gra had agendas, not everyone liked them, but in the End, B'H, we can thank the Gra and his Understanding, for helping craft Am Yisrael into a Nation that will see Geulah.
We can see that Kol Hator is especially seen in the Remazim of the Gra's Name, in Thought and Action.

May we see Geulah in 5772 and in Light of Tzaddikim and their Torah!


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