Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Plan Contained A Tebow

HT to Yaak on the Tebow-ism:

First of all, despite my love of football, and my disdain to write a Tebow post (aside from the fact that he is a phenomenon as he is making an uproar in the Goyasha sect), it is hard to ignore the impact he is making (even from a purist football lovers perspective - what he is doing simply doesn't happen).

For anyone that doesn't know - Tim Tebow: an American football player, one of the most decorated in College Football History, is an avid Yushka-nic, who by none other than Hashem, is the vessel of which miraculous football is being played. He is considered to be a marginal pro, which makes the miraculous winning something of quite intrigue. He has instituted praying on the sidelines, and they say his birth (to missionaries) was also miraculous. The secular velt is enamored with him, due to above nature revelations; I see it as a tool of Hashem to wake people up who are very far away. At least now in Dayton Ohio, they eat chili, drink beer, and talk about God. That to me is a miracle. 

We are seeing a lot of interesting things in these days, and this story is right up there with the best of them; I hope its not a wasted card, and proves to be part of the Plan: The Tebow Program.

Yahoo News:

• The fact that Tebow had 316 yards passing and averaged 31.6 yards per pass in the game didn't escape notice on Sunday night. Tebow wore "John 3:16" on his eye black in the 2009 BCS Championship game and has since become identified with the famous Bible message. The coincidental stats caused millions of fans to perform Google searches on the Bible passage in the past 24 hours. Here's one more unbelievable stat: John Ourand of Sports Business Journal reports that the final quarter-hour television rating for the Broncos-Steelers game was, you guessed it, 31.6.

Now in the Jewish Universe, 316 carries different weight:

316=ערום Cunning, as in, "The Nachash was the most Cunning of all the Creatures."

If Tebow wins next week, or (Please God) the Superbowl, then we are going to see a craze in the World. A lot of people out of nowhere are going to question the existence of God (for the first time in how long ?!) It's a craze in America, that nowadays youth are "Tebowing", the act of spontaneous prayer.
It would be nice if Hashem is opening eyes, to prepare for something bigger, even using football as a medium to get people to consider, "maybe there is a God."

The question is, if this is a gilui of an "ערום" / "cunning" revelation in the World, are we to lay witness to the nachash (even the one that Tebow prays to)? Are the powers of Tumah being aroused? 

Perhaps Gan Eden is preparing itself to open the Doors of Eden - as the Cunning Nachash is ready to walk into retirement, with one last hooray; depicted within something as generic as an American football game.
Why? Because something is going on with Tebow, even if its just a football anomaly, nevertheless, its never happened before.

Enough of the Games, Cunning, Nachash, etc - can we fix up Gan Eden already?
Will the real Moshiach please arrive in 5772? As much as I love football, the story is a tad stupid and juvenile; but if people want to wake up to a football game, then I'm game.

BTW Tebow's number is 15; The Gematria of Gaivah, Arrogance, and Hod, the Sefirah that contains the most Dinim that holds back the Light of Redemption.

Let's hope for the best, enjoy the football game next week, pray for a miracle like everyone else, and hope this year Tebow does Teshuva and along with the rest of the World, so we can welcome Moshiach after 5772 years of waiting.


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