Monday, July 9, 2012

The Covenant With Amalek

כסא אליהו זכור לטוב

Germany - Germania - Magog: The Amalekite dedicated to Israel?

Germany has shockingly been a [if not THE] architect to Israel's inception and the lead driver to Israel's date with destiny towards a Geulah. Much like the Para Adumah makes tumay before tahor, it seems evil is the flavor that will produce the eventual total good: Beis Hamikdash on Zion; Why does Germany choose to keep pushing the envelope?

a)Destroys Judaism
b)Leads to State of Israel
c)Builds Nukes in Israel
d)Donates the buses, cabs, money, other infrastructure enterprises
e)Sells state of the art nuke-subs to destroy Iran, solving the aviation issue

f)...Returns to anti-semitism, invoking Amalekite memories, bans Bris Mila, inspires Jews to finally be Jews in Germany, giving Moshe Rabbeinu a tikkun for his sin in not giving milah to his son?! - and if that is not the last step, what is?!

A district judge in Cologne, Germany, recently ruled that ritual circumcision is a crime, violating "the fundamental right of the child to bodily integrity," which outweighs other parental and religious rights.

"This change runs counter to the interests of the child," the court concluded, "who can decide his religious affiliation himself later in life."

Jews and Muslims have traditionally viewed male circumcision in a different light - not as an expression of individual choice, but as a form of initiation into a community. German religious figures from all the Abrahamic faiths criticized the Cologne ruling, with particular outrage expressed by Jewish leaders. Dieter Graumann, head of German Central Council of Jews, called it "outrageous and insensitive" and warned that a general application of the decision would "coldbloodedly force Judaism into illegality."

Though the ban only directly applies in one region of Germany, secular supporters count it a triumph and a precedent. One academic, Holm Putzke, celebrated the rejection of "religiously motivated violence against children."

"The court has," he said, "unlike many politicians, not been deterred by the fear of being criticized as anti-Semitic or anti-religious."

Normally such deterrence would be viewed as a healthy thing, particularly in a country that relatively recently - within living memory - sought to be judenrein, "clean of Jews."

But the fearlessness of modern secularism is a thing to behold. Before the Second World War, there were about 600,000 Jews living in Germany. Today, there are a little over 100,000. This remnant is now informed that their 4,000-year-old ritual of identity - perhaps the oldest Jewish tradition - is a violation of enlightened notions of individual rights.

Jewish sensitivity on this subject is understandable.

Anti-Semitism has always focused not only on Jewish beliefs, but on Jewish bodies. And circumcision has attracted particular attention. The Roman historian Tacitus called it a "base and abominable" practice, by which Jews deliberately chose to "distinguish themselves from other peoples."

The banning of circumcision by the Emperor Hadrian may have helped foment a Jewish revolt in 132 AD. During the Middle Ages, the practice was linked to the blood libel - accusations that Jews used the blood of murdered Christians in circumcision rituals. Josef Stalin banned ritual circumcision along with other Jewish religious practices.

Most of the current opposition to circumcision - found not only in Germany, but in Sweden, Norway, Holland, Finland and the United States - would dispute the charge of anti-Semitism. The arguments they claim are resolutely modern: It is medically harmful (a difficult case in light of the fact that the World Health Organization and UNAIDS recommend the practice as part of effective HIV/AIDS prevention efforts). Along with the Cologne judge, most critics of circumcision also regard it as a violation of individual self-determination, which raises religious liberty issues larger than a single snip.

A strain of modern liberalism contends that only individuals and their rights are real in the legal sense - and there is no other acceptable sense. It is the role of the state to defend individual self-determination against oppressive institutions, including religious institutions. Since circumcision is coerced, it is unjust. The same claim might be made - and has been made - of early religious indoctrination of any kind. Liberalism thus leads to an aggressive form of assimilation to the values of the liberal order.

Many Jews naturally view compulsive, state-sponsored assimilation with suspicion, even if it is described as social liberation. Along with many other religious people, they regard children as members of a community that precedes individual decisions and outlasts them - a community created by a covenant, not a choice.

Circumcision is the outward sign of this spiritual reality.

In the traditional view, religious communities are not only real, but irreplaceable sources of meaning and belonging. They are the ties that free individuals from isolation and ennui - even at the price of a little unremembered pain.

There is a story from Holocaust history about a woman at the Janowska concentration camp who demanded a knife from a guard. Taken by surprise, he complied. The other inmates thought the woman intended suicide.

Instead, she reached down into a bundle of rags and circumcised her infant boy - then prayed aloud for God to receive him back to heaven as a Jew.

If this is the definition of a crime anywhere in the modern world, it is a sad regression from freedom.

Angela Merkel HaMagog-ette
Germany is Magog [Yoma]
thus is either [or both] Obama and Putin Gog?
= War of Gog V' Magog?
Looks that way!
משיח 5772


RedTory44 said...

Tough question for the courts. Forcing people to conform to a particular standard seems wrong. You can see the worst of that in Muslim countries where freedom of thought is non-existent and resistance to theocracy is punishable by death. That sort of control of the individual is not God's will. It is satanic. On the other hand, liberalism can lead to a "freedom from religion" as opposed to "freedom of religion". Where's Solomon when you need him?

Anonymous said...

Amalek always remains Amalek. You listed at the beginning all the aid and help that Germany has done for the state of Israel from its start. That is because there was a plan from its very beginning and before. Germany is head of the holy roman empire and their goal to this day remains the same. At this very moment, they are already implementing their nasty goals. We see the xtianzation going on in many areas and has even infiltrated the IDF, etc., etc. They are taking over our holy sites, which have nothing to with them, but their goal is to replace us. This is a goal of over 2000 years and they are in alliance with islam working together. It's out there for all to see. They are being used by the Almighty to bring on themselves their own downfall. Just as the state of Israel came into being through the erev rav and edom, so will our Geulah.

Anonymous said...

Tacitus called it a "base and abominable" practice, by which Jews deliberately chose to "distinguish themselves from other peoples."

And so what? This is a very contemporary argument. My husband doesn't eat the food people bring to work and the questions are always: Why won't you eat our food? Why don't you play softball with us? Or go out to eat with us? And ultimately there is an uncomfortable air at the office-- Why does he think he's different? He thinks he's better and so on ..Different cultures are supposedly " celebrated" but that as it turns out is a myth..

Anonymous said...

"Why does Germany choose to keep pushing the envelope?"

Because Germany is/was part of the unholy Roman empire. Read what Tacitus had to say about Germans/Germany in his book, " Germania" It's very enlightening

Anonymous said...

I scanned for physical characteristics. Here's what it said:

"All have fierce blue eyes, red hair, huge frames, fit only for a sudden exertion."


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