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Israeli or Israeli Edomite: Heil Shamir!

Yitzchak Shamir 1915-2012

Yitzchak Shamir has passed.  As it seems that the alter dor is moving on with steady succession [Bibi's father; and a whole slew of 75+ personalities], we have yet even more to learn from Shamir, as a dugmah of what is the real Zionism and Medina.

First and foremost: Shamir was a right-wing secularist terrorist. In fact, that is what I believe to be enough to elaborate his influence onto what would be the future and current State of Israel.

If one were to pick one character from all of Jewish History, to be the figurative "Biah Shlishi"

[as its not enough to be concerned with enemies, money, IDF, etc. - Israel would need to conquer the way of being ("halacha") in the Land. King David said: Go see the workings of God, as he placed desolation in the Land! - that is what Shamir did! Interestingly enough, the real Biah Shlishi will be from the Ko-ach of King david,  to the extent that I feel David's lack was not essential to him, other than his persona would have been better as a Joshua/Moses as opposed from already being in the Land. His draw back would then have been that he would have given Torah over like Moses; he would have been stuck studying! Thus the Jewish People would not have received the Torah like Moses, but they would have gotten into the Land. Thus David and Moses were flawed in opposite realms in this scenario. David needed to enter the Land [as opposed to have already been here], and thus Moshiach ben David will achieve the final Biah!]

...then Yitzchak Avinu would be the mold for Klippah to emulate; Shamir is even named Yitzchak! Why - because Yitzchak is called Pachad Yitzchak. [the dread/terror of Isaac] He was considered the true father of Israel [Talmud Shabbos], he fathered Edom, of which Shamir mastered! Terrorism of the State of Israel, Secularism, and every way to emulate Esau, was instilled in Israeli culture...ty Mr. Shamir! Yitzchak's ashes from the Akeida [he was considered to be shechted, and thus his ashes are presereved before Hashem], are the Torah concept of rememberance..thus is what Shamir did: he made his mark on Zionism.

He knew how to work with Klippah: if Klippah woulod always fear the Jew [like Britain did in Palestine] it would help preserve Israel in every way. [especially secularly] He basically brought the "Edomite Jew" into existance, as Esau was to be Jewish had he achieved his destiny. Shamir emulated such a concept! - through terrorism, secularism, raw behavior, klippah influencer, cold blodded, etc. The State of Israel lives in its Pachad [d'klippah of Yitzchak].

The Mochin of the State of Israel is forever inclined towards Edom, and he is the source of that thinking. Remember, Yitzchak spent his whole life in Israel, thus if you are to acquire the Land [even in Tumah], what better role model than Yitzchak Avinu [in klippah]!

Yitzchak's name means to laugh, and what is a basic ability to generate laughter? to impersonate - people laugh at immitation - Shamir had found his Biah Shlishi in the mold of Yitzchak Avinu. This secular/terrorist - Edomite way of seeing things would permeate the entire Israeli experience between matters of State, all the way to getting a Speeding ticket - as the Medina employs Shamir-ism! If Erev Rav is against Erev Katan, you have a bench mark that will forever challenege the ruling Religious from Shamir's influence.

Welcome to Israel - the State that Yitzchak Shamir helped build.

..."don't read desolation in the Land, but Names in the Land - Tehillim: ..."Shamir means a thorn that stabs and a rock that can cut steel." - Shamir on choosing his name. The Jew is a weapon, all the more so the Erev Rav - hence Moses' bringing  them out of Egypt. The State of Israel caters perfectly to weaponry. Shamir got that, and he sharpens the blade of the weapon called Israel - until the Geulah will come and the Land is cleansed. Shamir brought the charif to Israel; pun semi-intended.

If there is an Armilos in the State of Israel, he is joined with his root, as Edom is programmed into our State, thanks to Yiztchak Shamir.

It should be noted, that Shamir set the tone leading up until Rabin; Rabin's dates in office are hinted at in  the Zohar, when it suggests the Geula began in '56 - Rabin's Land for Peace, as the table was now set since Shamir had left his mark - even upon the Left!

Yitzhak Shamir, the prime minister who opposed compromise with the Palestinians in the 1980s and ‘90s, died Saturday at 96. Shamir, a militant against British rule in the prestate period, was the country’s second longest-serving prime minster after David Ben-Gurion.
Israel’s seventh prime minister said in his autobiography he hadn’t groomed himself to become prime minister, maybe because he had worked for the Mossad for 10 years.
Only when Prime Minister Menachem Begin told the cabinet in August 1983 that he could no longer go on did Shamir take over.
Shamir was no young man at the time. “I was 68, two years younger than Begin, who was stepping down due to exhaustion. I wasn’t famous. I didn’t have a broad coalition of supporters or any particular ambition. It had never occurred to me that I could become prime minister.”
Shamir says in his book that when someone proposed that he become prime minister, he was confident he could beat out Likud minister David Levy. But though he could accept “how the others praised me, their exaggerations embarrassed me.”
Shamir said he liked Levy, but didn’t believe he was suitable to lead Likud or head the government. “I didn’t see myself as Begin’s heir, but rather someone who would continue his work,” Shamir said after he became prime minister.
Shamir served as premier from October 1983 to September 1984, and later as head of the second national unity government, from 1986 to 1990. He thenled a right-wing coalition until 1992, when Yitzhak Rabin beat him at the polls.
Shamir’s political career before he became prime minister wasn’t a long one. He joined the Herut movement only in 1970.
Poland, Lehi and the Mossad
Shamir was born in Ruzhany, now in Belarus, in 1915 as Yitzhak Yezernitsky. The small town became part of Poland after World War I. He studied in a school belonging to the Jewish Tarbut network, joined the Zionist Betar movement and began to study law at the University of Warsaw.
When he was 20, he immigrated to Palestine and joined the Irgun two years later. By day he worked in an accountant’s office and at night took part in anti-British activities.
Shamir said “we didn’t take any action blindly or automatically or just for the sake of violence. Our aim was to intimidate rather than to punish ... reprisals were never a cause for celebration. They were simply an existential need.” In 1940, Shamir left the Irgun, following Avraham Stern, and became a leader of the Lehi − which the British called the Stern Gang.
In December 1941 he was arrested and spent time in the Mizra prison near Acre. After escaping in September 1942, he was put in charge of operations. In this role he was responsible for the 1944 assassination of Lord Moyne, the British minister of state in the Middle East.
As Shamir put it, Moyne “was a senior official in enforcing British policy in Palestine and didn’t for a moment hide his strong opposition to Zionism and his negative feelings toward the Jews.”
In 1946, a year after his first child Yair was born, Shamir was deported by the British to Eritrea; the High Commissioner could deport anyone thought to endanger the peace or the defense of British Mandatory Palestine. Shamir escaped in January 1947.
In 1955, he joined the Mossad, where he filled many roles for 10 years. He never revealed many details about his work there, though in his autobiography he wrote that he was a unit chief under the organization’s leader, Isser Harel. “My service in the Mossad continued for only 10 years, but those years made a deep impression on me and I learned a lot from them,” Shamir said.
Knesset speaker and foreign minister
After entering politics in 1970, Shamir was elected to the Knesset in 1973 and served six terms.
In the ninth Knesset (1977-1980), when he was Knesset speaker, he disagreed with the Camp David Accords and abstained during the vote on peace. Shamir later said his wife Shlomit and children Yair and Gilada believed it had been a mistake to accept Begin’s request and serve as speaker.
According to Shamir, the most important event during his term as speaker was the visit by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat to Israel in November 1977. In March 1980, a few months after Moshe Dayan resigned from the government, Shamir became a minister for the first time − foreign minister.
When Shamir took over as prime minister, the Israel economy was racked by 400 percent annual inflation. Shamir admitted he had no knowledge of economics. “I knew I wasn’t up to par in [this] area and I had no strong opinions about it,” he wrote in his autobiography.
Finance Minister Yoram Aridor proposed linking the shekel to the dollar, but Shamir feared that this would increase Israel’s dependence on the United States. Aridor resigned.
Two security issues were raging at this time; one was the growing Jewish underground that sought to attack Palestinians as revenge for their actions, including a plan to blow up the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
The other was the Bus 300 affair, in which Shin Bet security service agents killed two Palestinians after they had been taken into custody after hijacking a bus. President Chaim Herzog pardoned 10 Shin Bet members before trial.
Second term
Ariel Sharon ran against Shamir to lead Likud before the 1984 elections but was badly beaten. The elections ended in a stalemate − 41 seats for Likud and 44 for the left-wing Alignment.
Neither party could form a coalition, and at the urging of Herzog, Shamir and Shimon Peres would take turns as prime minister and second in command − an Israeli invention.
But the lack of trust between the two hampered the national unity government. Shamir claimed that Peres undermined him and held secret negotiations with Jordan’s King Hussein, highlighted by Peres’ signing of the London Agreement in 1987.
“From the first day ... it was clear to me that Peres not only didn’t want but also could not accept the results of the election .... Most of the time he worked behind my back, always ignoring the damage he caused to the government and the coalition. Furthermore, he advanced his cause ... with the same disregard for accepted rules of behavior whether he was prime minister or foreign minister.”
The first intifada
On December 9, 1987, the first intifada broke out in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Defense Minister Rabin instructed Israeli soldiers to respond with force, and Shamir supported Rabin’s tough approach.
The stalemate between Likud and Labor remained after the 1988 elections: Likud 40 seats, Labor 39. Despite the animosity between Shamir and Peres, they agreed to establish a unity government, but this time without a rotation. Shamir would be prime minister and Peres foreign and finance minister.
Meanwhile, relations with the United States were cooling off; Secretary of State James Baker was angered by Shamir’s unwillingness to make any kind of compromise with the Palestinians. Baker told a congressional committee that Shamir’s approach prevented any discussion of peace, and famously offered the White House telephone number for when Israel got serious. He called on Israel to give up the idea of a Greater Israel as unrealistic.
Dirty tricks and the Gulf War
The unity government fell apart in March 1990 after what is known as Peres’ “stinking maneuver.” The background to the affair was a deep disagreement between Peres and Shamir about the participation of East Jerusalem Arabs in elections for an autonomous council to be formed in the territories. Shamir opposed the idea, but Peres and Labor ministers supported the Americans.
In Peres’ maneuver, the Labor Party would take part in a no-confidence motion by the opposition parties and in return receive a Knesset majority for establishing agovernment headed by Peres. Shamir fired Peres for “acting to dismantle the unity government and undermine it.”
Two days later, a no-confidence motion was brought to the Knesset. Leaders of the two major parties courted the ultra-Orthodox parties. For the first time in Israel’s history, a government fell in a no-confidence vote. Peres failed to form a government when two ultra-Orthodox delegates withdrew their support. Shamir formed a government that lasted until the 1992 elections.
During the Gulf War that began in January 1991, Iraq fired 39 missiles at Israel. Israelis, especially those in the center of the country, shut themselves into sealed rooms wearing gas masks, but Shamir was not tempted to send the air force to attack Iraq. He won the world’s praise for his restraint.
End of a career
In the 1992 elections, Shamir was severely beaten by Rabin and resigned as Likud leader. He served in the Knesset until 1996, when he retired from all political activity, although he continued to criticize the Oslo Accords and Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies as prime minister.
For a decade after his retirement, he sometimes appeared in the media and expressed disappointment in the excesses of his successors, especially Netanyahu. He called Netanyahu an “angel of destruction” for agreeing to sign the Hebron and Wye agreements. He left Likud and joined a movement led by Benny Begin, Menachem’s son, but was not elected to the Knesset.
After Likud’s failure in the 1999 elections and Netanyahu’s exit, Shamir received a symbolic place on Likud’s Knesset list: 120 − the number of Knesset seats. In 2001 he was awarded the Israel Prize.

King David Hotel Bombing


Anonymous said...

blessings. i honestly feel we should not speak ill of the dead. he is not here to defend himself.

rabbi david katz said...

yes he may be dead, but i believe i stated facts about what he represents in the state of israel. besides the fact that he was what i believe to be erev rav, i offered a biographical sketch of who he was and what he planted into zionism. all of the original cast members contributed to the current [non torah] state of israel. i find it interesting to study the dna of what fathered and nurtured the state of israel into what it is today. to me, it is nothing short of a marvel, all the more so that it shows what corrupt torah and judaism can create. if there is a concept called awesome treif - israel is it. thus it is fascinating to study its dna from its founding fathers.

Klishlishi said...

Yitzhak Shamir's major plus point:

It took an "Edomite Jew" like Shamir to take on the Edomite British in Eretz Yisrael. No one else was up to the job, least of all the Leftists like Ben Gurion, who were always ready to compromise with the British. With Shamir there was no compromise. In addition to killing plenty of Brits, his boys were responsible for assassinating Lord Moyne & Count Folke Bernadotte, which really rocked Churchill & the UN at the time.

Shamir actually was responsible for the break up of the British Empire after WW2. When India, Pakistan,Malaya,Uganda, Kenya etc saw how the puny little Jewish terrorists in Palestine successfully threw out the mighty British,they were encouraged to do likewise, and within 10 years of 1948 the pink on the globe of the British Empire had disappeared.

Klishlishi said...

Yitzhak Shamir's major negative point:

In 1992 1 million Jews arrived in Israel from the former USSR.

Shamir was going to send them all to Judea & Samaria.

George Bush Sr declared to the world that if Shamir did so, he would cancel the USA's $10 billion loan guarantees to Israel, even though this represented only 4% of Israel's GDP.

Shamir buckled, & the Russian Jews were settled everywhere EXCEPT the true Biblical Heartland of the West Bank!

This was a CLASS A Chillul Hashem! If Shamir had retorted to Bush that all of Israel is G-d Given and quoted to the UN the Torah's verses on this, he could have brought Moshiach.

At the very least, the city of Ariel in Shomron would today have a population of 500,000 instead of 50,000, & with 2 million Jews today living in the West Bank (instead of the current 300,000), any question of a Palestine State would be out of the question! Instead a Palestinian state is still a distinct possibility.

For this, Shamir, like Sharon, Rabin and Begin, may actually have lost their Olam Habas!

Anonymous said...

Is this where Israeli coarseness comes from? The rude busting-in-line rudeness that isn't typical of Jews as Jewish characteristics are not rude and coarse.

rabbi david katz said...

could be, but most likely to say the least: all of israel is founded upon its shamir or maybe somebody just as fundamental.

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