Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tal Kadima "Huh" Law? Exactly

So why did Kadima join King Bibi in the first place?


Kadima faction members on Tuesday overwhelmingly voted to leave the government following a failure to reach a compromise in replacing the Tal Law.

Kadima was left with no choice but to leave the coalition after a failure to bridge the gaps between party its position and that of the Likud, Kadima leader Shaul Mofaz told faction members in a closed-door meeting Tuesday, party sources said.

Mofaz was unwilling to compromise on the issue, and therefore was left with no choice but to pull his party from the coalition, according to the source.

All but three Kadima MKs voted to leave the government. The three MKs were Avi Dichter, Otniel Schneller and Yulia Shamalov Berkovich.

Netanyahu held meetings with Kadima MKs on Tuesday in hopes of convincing them to remain in the coalition. Mofaz called a meeting of the faction at its Petah Tikva headquarters for 5 p.m. on Tuesday to discuss whether the party should leave the government.

Leading into the meeting, Mofaz on Tuesday afternoon rejected, what Netanyahu had characterized as a compromise offer, to resolve the Tal Law crisis.

According to Mofaz, the offer was that fifty percent of haredim between the ages of 18-23 would be drafted by the IDF and another 50% would be drafted into national service between the ages of 23-26.

Mofaz said that the proposal violates the ruling of the High Court on the issue, the principle of equal sharing of the burden of military service, is not proportional and does not meet the ultimate test of effectively resolving the issue.

Mofaz also noted that the proposal also did not include all draftable persons, and therefore, in reality, would merely maintain the unmanageable status quo.

Earlier, Mofaz’s associates had bashed Netanyahu for expressing optimism at Monday’s Likud faction meeting that an agreement with Kadima could soon be reached.

“I don’t know where his optimism comes from,” a Mofaz associate said. “Optimism has to be based on something concrete. No headway has been made.”

At the Likud meeting, Netanyahu denied reports quoting officials in his office saying that when the Knesset returns from its summer recess, the prime minister would initiate an election that would be held at the beginning of 2013.

“Since the government was formed, people are always warning that there will be elections,” Netanyahu said. “There will be elections in the end because the law requires it. You have to be ready because elections could be initiated at any given moment. But wait patiently. Elections are not coming up. They could be held in [October] 2013.”

Netanyahu told the faction that the bill he hopes to pass by the end of the month would result in a huge rise in haredi and Arab enlistment. He estimated that 6,000 haredim will enlist in 2016, compared to 2,400 that signed up in 2011 and 300 in 2007.

“We are committed to equalizing the burden,” Netanyahu said. “I am working with Mofaz on a solution. There are many things we agree on and there are still gaps. I hope that by continuing cooperation, we will succeed in bridging the gaps over the next few days.”

The Supreme Court requires that an alternative bill to the Tal Law be passed by the end of the month.

The Knesset will vote Wednesday on a bill sponsored by Yisrael Beytenu that would require all 18- year-olds to serve. Coalition discipline will be enforced to ensure the bill’s defeat, but Netanyahu gave Yisrael Beytenu ministers and MKs special permission to support it.

“I hope everyone with a brain supports the bill,” Liberman told his faction at the Knesset. “I call upon Likud and Kadima to pass the simplest bill possible without shticks and tricks. All 18-year-olds must serve in army or national service, period.” Opposition leader Shelly Yechimovich called upon Netanyahu and Mofaz to disperse the Knesset and advance the next election.

Tal Law 5772


Anonymous said...

Do these chachamim really believe that the chareidim will enlist, when the agreements previously made were not honored (glatt kosher kitchens, no women, etc.)? They really don't need nor want the chareidim - what they want is the dismantling of Torah learning and yiddishkeit! As far as Arabs enlisting - that is really ridiculous, bringing in the fifth column into the army. Maybe they're contemplating making it part of the Arab League? Seems like it really is leading to the end of golus, hopefully?!

Klishlishi said...

If you're put in to the wrong Zahal unit you can lose everything.

I know a 20 year old Lubavitcher from Boston who volunteered for Zahal last year. After just 3 months in the army in a bad unit, having been exposed to drunken Ukrainian goyim, secular gay soldiers, sluttish girl soldiers, anti-Zionist Bedouin, Circassian and Druze troops, evil nasty leftwing officers, and exposed to alcohol and drugs, he became schizophrenic and completely relinquished the religion and became violently anti-Zionist himself. There are many cases like this.

Service in Zahal should be the mitzva of Milchemes Mitzva.

Instead, like much in Medinas Yisroel, the Soton has REVERSED it! The Erev Rav's very purpose of Zahal is to de-Judaize the population and turn them in to left-wing womanizing atheists!

The only reason the Erev Rav who rule Israel are making such a tumult at this time is because they see that it is their last chance to prevent the Haredim becoming the demographic majority by 2025, by forcing their compulsory mass conscription and mass secularization.

Zahal loathes the Orthodox-only Nahal Haredi and Hesder units, and would love to disband them. TPTB want Haredim to compulsorily join Zahal on THEIR terms ie to be dispersed throught all the units, watered down, exposed to immodest females and subverted by secular values etc.

No way will Haredim join Zahal unless they are placed in to un-mixed Haredi units of their own ilk catering to their needs and preserving their group identity on every level ie Bobover Bombardiers, Sanzer Sappers, Mirrer Minelayers, Vizhnitz Infantry, Ponovez Tankists, Breslov Bridgelayers etc.

The Erev Rav among the Chillonim would literally rather disband Zahal and see the Medina fall than let Haredim join en masse in to their own formations and preserve their identity, and also get weapons training that could be used in a coup to storm the Knesset or even the Temple Mount!

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