Monday, September 10, 2012

Playing With Reality: An Intro to Torah

The Meek Will Inherit the Earth

Once Olam HaBah arrives, Hashem will rest His Shechinah amongst Am Yisrael, and Israel will rule on Earth through Melech Moshiach. In a sense, the Power of God will reign through Man, the pinnacle of Creation; God will rest His Shechinah through Zion. The ultimate Achdus of Man with his Creator will commence, As it says, "On that Day Hashem is One and His Name is One.

As Shem was a Kohen to Keil Elyon, Israel will be Kohanim to Keil Tachton. As is known, Hashem grants the Blessings of the Tzaddikim. Hence is Olam Habah.

Before that can commence however, it must be earned - 6000 years of Olam Hazah; to learn how to live with an Imminent Hashem [as well as Transcendent].

Zionism is learning/teaching a massive lesson: Just what it means to rule from Zion. The responsibility IS on the State of Israel. God is with them, yet they must act RESPONSIBLE to inherit the Beis Hamikdash. The State will [at least threaten to] fall - without Torah.

Thus Torah is the responsibility of ruling from Zion, Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof! God acts, but it is the Bachirah of Man, of Israel that the World will endure, as Hashem chose an abode below. The Beis Hamikdash comes with insane responsibility.

Israel is about to get its first real trek without training wheels with Iran. After Iran, the targets only get bigger. The Point: return to Torah - it's the only way to victory.
Israel for what its worth, is the representative of Jews, Man, Torah, Reality, etc. The World is being ruled from Zion. Take Notice. It is much like being a parent: The responsibility is real:  no food - baby doesn't eat. The secret - God helps - 100% - the moral - you are chayav to try anyways and be/are responsible.

At counter-terrorism conference, former military intelligence chief calls Iranian threat "Israel's number one strategic priority," while Mofaz says the danger of becoming a bi-national state is far greater.

Deploying military force against Iranian nuclear sites too early or without the United States' approval could ultimately be detrimental in preventing an Iranian bomb, former head of Military Intelligence Maj.-Gen. (res.) Amos Yadlin said Monday.

"If we get to the junction where we have to choose between a bomb and bombing, I am of the opinion that bombing is less of a strategic threat," Yadlin said at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism's World Summit. "But the question is, have we reached that junction or is there a third, less dangerous path?"

Although Israel has the military capability to hit Iranian nuclear sites, Yadlin said, bombing isn't the end of the story. "Tomorrow is another day," he emphasized.

Because a military strike would only set Iran back so far, Israel would need political, economic and military support from the world and the United States, in particular, for a decade to ensure that Iran would not develop a nuclear weapons capability. That, he said, "Israeli for certain cannot do alone."

Speaking after the former military intelligence chief, opposition leader Shaul Mofaz echoed his belief that Israel should not act alone against Iran unless it is absolutely the last option. Mofaz said that the US should lead such an operation, as Israel could only delay, not halt the Iranian nuclear program.

However, while Yadlin called the Iranian threat Israel's "number one strategic priority," Mofaz conversely opined that the nation had lost sight of its real priorities, which includes peace with Palestinians as well as socioeconomic issues.

The danger of Israel becoming a bi-national state is far greater than the Iranian threat, Mofaz asserted, stressing the importance of reaching an agreement soon. He said that the longer Israel waits, the harder it will become, pointing to the danger of Hamas growing stronger and taking control of the West Bank, as well as the eventuality of a bi-national state.

The opposition leader said that while it wouldn't be easy, he believes it is possible to reach an agreement with the Palestinians, and that border and security issues can be resolved relatively quickly.
We're Not Alone


Bas Elokim said...

We simply see that the world is shaking. Its not to long that we will get completely flipped around. We need to do teshuva,Tzedakah, and pray for our salvation. Thank you for your your post that brings truth to the forefront.

Anonymous said...

Notice how most ministers and military brass can only think in unTorah ways, saying that we need to make peace with the invaders within the Land, the exact opposite of what the Torah dictates. But, H' works things out - that the Arabs can never make peace because it cannot be. The state (as many chasidic rebbes understood) cannot continue, unless there is a return to the Torah. The Erev Rav are undoing themselves and then the Land of Eretz Yisrael will rise. However the scenario plays itself out, it is H' leading the way to our Redemption and Moshiach.
In the meantime, as we read in the Israeli news, the Erev Rav is speeding up their desire to dismantle Torah and Torah Jews; such as - their affiliations with xtians missionizing in covert as well as overt ways, their siding on the side of Arabs who attack Jews, the supreme court act as outright anti-semites, inserting in the public school system other religions and xtian ideology inserted with Judaism, etc.
We not only need to do our share by repenting but praying that the geulah comes very soon with great mercy!

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