Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Higgs Fantasy: Cha-Ching!

Higgs Shmiggs

Let's make this perfectly clear and concise: The Higgs Boson God Particle WAS NOT FOUND. What they did find was something that could be the Higgs. This is called "they have a plausible theory" and not "we have the Higgs."
This is where science has gone all wrong - they have poskened out the need to test theories and bring them to a status of proof. For that reason alone, Torah won the race/war against science, because Torah by nature must be proven to move forward.
Money, Power, Prestige, etc fuels the scientist; a far cry from the moral standard of Fearing Hashem.

Now, they want to move physics forward [on the Higgs Premise] with bigger faster colliders and all science based on a giant "maybe."

Remember - this has not been confirmed [the finding of the Higgs], but they can't afford to have it NOT be "found." They in unison want the Higgs found, and they are throwing physics [and anyone who opposes] under the bus to get a blank check.

Around the same time of the Higgs was the "discovery" that a particle moves faster than light. It turned out to be a false flag, but the very concept was heavily scrutinized. But where is the scrutiny for the Higgs?!?! -----SCAM-OLA!

At any rate, this is a scam, a ripoff, probably tax dollars, and an outright lie. For this Torah will gain [in my way of seeing it] a massive aliyah in wisdom; the more they cheat, the more Hashem itches to bring Moshiach and his Torah to revelation.

The Australian:

SCIENTISTS at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research - or CERN - are drawing up plans to scrap the giant Large Hadron Collider that found the Higgs boson and replace it with an even bigger machine designed to hunt down more exotic particles.

One idea is to remove the $4.6 billion particle accelerator and build a more powerful one in the same tunnels under Geneva in Switzerland. Another is to build an entirely new accelerator up to 80km in circumference, three times the size of the LHC.

Such a machine is likely to cost several billion dollars, shared between CERN's 20 member states, and would likely be built sometime after 2025.

It follows CERN's July announcement that it had found the elusive Higgs boson, the fundamental particle that gives matter its mass.

The idea that such a particle might exist was put forward by Peter Higgs, emeritus professor of physics at Edinburgh University, in 1964.

He is now 83 and many physicists hope that he, along with CERN and perhaps fellow physicist Francois Englert, 79, whose own 1964 paper broke similar ground, will be rewarded with a Nobel Prize this year.

However, they are also concerned about the 44 years that elapsed between Higgs's proposal and the construction of a machine capable of finding his particle - which is why they are already drawing up plans for the LHC's successor.

The designs for a new machine are part of a paper written by 18 scientists, including John Ellis, CERN's former head of theoretical physics.

It said: "The new machine could be installed in the LHC tunnel . . .. Alternatively, it could be installed in a new, longer tunnel, using a tunnel circumference of 80km." The suggestion will be discussed by the European Strategy Preparatory Group in Krakow in Poland this week.

Jon Butterworth, professor of physics at University College London, who represents Britain on the group, said finding the Higgs was just the beginning.

"It means we have a wild new frontier of physics to explore. Now we need to find out far more about it. We can do some of that work by upgrading the LHC, but in the end it will need a more powerful machine."

The timescale and technological challenges are huge. The LHC was first proposed in 1983 and was finally built in 2008, 25 years later.

Much of that delay was due to the cutting-edge technologies that had to be developed to control and focus a tiny beam of particles packed with the energy punch of a car travelling at 2500km/h.

Such a machine might help resolve some of the questions raised by Albert Einstein, who could not reconcile the forces operating at the level of atoms with the force of gravity, which governs the movement of stars and planets.

Meanwhile, the most immediate question for physicists is who might be in line for a Nobel Prize over the Higgs discovery. Higgs is the obvious candidate, but he was beaten into print in 1964 by Englert and Robert Brout, both Belgian, who put forward a similar theory, albeit without predicting a particle.

Brout died last year, but there are also three other physicists, Tom Kibble of Imperial College London, and Americans Gerry Guralnik and Dick Hagen, who published a similar idea soon after - with Kibble going on to build the experimental model on which the LHC was based.
May Hashem's response be: Welcome to Atzilus [by Torah scholars - Divine Physics!]
Welcome to Atzilus

משיח צדקינו


ב''ביאת משיח




Anonymous said...


Nice and very interesting blog, hazak !
Yet, I don't understand why it should be a problem for us if scientists find -I mean really prove the existence of - Higgs boson.
I read that it is written that "at the end of the times, the doors of knowledge will open", and so if the geoula is imminent, that's great, let's find the Higgs boson !
If you're interested in concilating both science and Torah, you should read Dr Gerald Schroeder : you can find his conferences in youtube, explaining the complete convergence between the Big Bang and sefer Bereshit, really incredible

rabbi david katz said...

i agree. i think it would make sense to find the higgs.
i feel the true higgs, if it is true, is only realized when they unite kabalah with physics, and open their minds to the macro realm from the micro. i think its futile until they merge into kabalah. the gra predicted this as well in kol hator.
thus while they neglect, it is rather perverted what they are attempting to do

Anonymous said...

I agree : they won't see the spiritual in the material. In fact you can see, when you read scientific publications, that most of the scientists who try to understand the physical world, they behave like this quest in a goal in itself and implying there is nothing except material...
But I prefer to see it in a positive way : nothing prevents us to merge science with Torah, as long as science follows the Torah, and I believe that it is whats is happening more and more every day : lots of scientific theories become Torah-compatible... and in the end Itshak will laugh !
kind regards from France

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