Monday, December 23, 2013


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the pair's exhaustion due to mundane work as school teachers is palpable. i could relate, since i became like mordechai in an article israel national news featured chronicling a family in the binyamin region during the snow visitation (sometimes, i become intertwined with a story, when i am tired like that out of nowhere). they're reminiscent of abbot and costello, as well as brooklynites. one of my dad's favorite shows or that other one, the honeymooners. today was the first time in a long time that my body gave out on me, while i listened to a documentary chronicling a homeless boxer at 41, so their exhaustion provoked me to respond here. instead of sitting, i reclined during the audio of the homeless boxer (his motivation is to mentor, besides explaining an alternative to miami), btw. florida has aspects of moav, but these days florida is like har seir or australia. windy response, but my prose has bin a rollercoaster lately. that's how it is during winter in my purview. you clearly stuck out between them. just not in the joking mood these days, but the sentiment, peppered with nostalgia, is appreciated. the parshiot in the coming weeks emphasizes the exilic community

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