Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Act of Love.

by Joe Indomenico.

“Any love which is dependent on something, when the ‘something’ ceases, the love ceases. Any love which is not dependent on anything will never cease. What is love which is dependent?…………………………………… The love of Amnon for Tamar. And which is not dependent?…………………………............. The love of David and Yehonatan.”
The Sages teach us that HaShem is “Ayn Sof,” who within and without Himself is complete and perfect.
Nothing can be added or subtracted from HaShem.
And yet, why did He create ? A good question I think.
The purpose of creation was for the bestowing kindness of a benevolent and giving G-d upon His creation.
HaShem created mankind in His image, both male and female.
The male provides the spark / seed / idea.
The female receives from the male and brings to fruition and development the intent of the union….. new life.
HaShem brings His spark / Torah and unites with His wife , Israel, who develops and brings to fruition the purpose of marriage… life…… eternal life.
The unconditional love of HaShem is based on giving.
Just as it was not good for man to be alone and was provided with the perfect helper who would extract his essence and assist him to bring to fruition his ideals, so HaShem .
As Rabbi Nehunia ben HaKana says in the "Bahir: : 
“The original vessels of the Ten Sefirot in their primitive form. In this state, they could not interact with each other, and hence, could not give to each other. All they could do was receive from G-d.
In order to receive G-d’s Light, however, a Vessel must in some way be connected with G-d. The basic difference between the spiritual and the physical is the fact that space does not exist in the spiritual, and hence, there is no way in which the Sefirot can be physically connected to G-d. The only possible relationship is therefore resemblance.
Hence, in order to receive G-d’s light , the Vessel must, at least to some degree, resemble G-d.
This presents a difficulty, however. If G-d is the ultimate Giver, while the vessel only receives, the two are absolute opposites. Therefore, in order for a vessel to properly receive, it must also give.”
In this light, the man gives his seed to the woman, who receives this seed. In turn she gives to the embryo her “life” in her womb. After nine months she brings new life into the world. This new life then receives from both paternal and maternal until such time that it is ready and mature to continue the cycle of life. This is the concept of “Abba” and “Imma.”……………..both attributes of the Divine. Love is the manifestation of this union.


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