Thursday, July 24, 2014


Leah said...

Rabbi Katz,
Hello. What do you mean by coming to the end?

David Katz said...

end of days where knowledge of God will be articulated in pure wisdom

Leah said...

You just know this next question was coming....hold on....can you give an example? Doh! Sorry, but will you please. :)

David Katz said...

christians have their [non-torah] faith. when they grow and mature to gerim, that faith ripens into wisdom such that they can articulate their relationship with God and the tikkun is complete. from their development jews will come to realize their own unique priestly ability to articulate the torah and relationship with God...and obviously all relationships will become able to be as such. thus, all that is left, is a planet filled with the knowledge of God and experiencing the divine.

Leah said...

Got it! Clearly and concisely worded! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Baal kerry you are the sectary of state,
but to Israel you are hostile and demonstrate hate,
you accuse us of being an apartheid state
as you dare try to determine our G-D given fate

now let us determine as we examine the facts
who uses children as shields these cowardly acts
who launched rockets from built up areas and flats
who build tunnels to attack like cowardly rats

you want to broker peace at our misery
as you act like Balaam using wizardry
but our G-D assures us through prophecy
that we have been redeemed from slavery

now amidst all your main stream media buzz
where you peddle lies and cause chaos and fuss
where with intent you sow discord without any trust
G-D does not want human sacrifice your peace process does.
Korbanot Shalom sacrafices of peace said prime minister Rabin
As We shook hands with Arafat in the rose garden
What did we gain what did we win
And you want us to do this again and again

With these sacrifices of peace our children die
Our leaders are useless as they shrug and sigh
Families are bereaved as mothers cry
And we are to believe your evil lie

The world call out for an immediate truce
but by that we just tighten our noose
an Israeli can at any time become a cooked goose
now is the time to let our army loose

Netanyahu replaced Olmert who was put on trial
He replaced Sharon for little while
Sharon fell into a coma, to be replaced by Barak,
who fell out of favor, can you believe this kak
who was replaced by Netanyahu once again
man this whole peace process is totally insane
i think we are heading for the end game

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