Friday, July 11, 2014


Sherry Lancaster said...

Shalom, Rabbi Katz. I listened to your broadcast @ the 3 kidnapped teenage Yeshiva students, and whether that would lead to WW3, and I listened to this current one @ whether the situation now will lead to the "Gog/Magog" War (Ezekiel 38-39). Your insights are fascinating.

I have some theories about these things I would like to share with you. I believe very strongly that the situation now is the beginning of the "Psalm 83 War". Asaph, the prophet and "gatherer" of Psalms, under King David, was not only praying for Israel in this, but he was also prophesying of a war that was to come NOW.

The "conspirators" in this Psalm equate to: Hamas (Gaza),Hezbollah(Lebanon & Syria), Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, & Egypt, all of the "inner circle" enemies of Israel today. The IDF will do a fine job of ridding & subduing these enemies, and Israel will add to her Land, which she always should have had. I believe that Isaiah 17:1 & Isaiah 19 will be FULFILLED in this war.This will lead to Israel living in relative peace in UNWALLED cities.

This is the situation when Russia("Rosh") & Iran("Persia"), the -"stans", Turkey, Sudan, Yemen and the rest of the Islamic armies come down to "take a booty" from Israel in Ezekiel 38-39. THIS is WW3, I believe, and Hashem will fight for Israel, so that His Glory may be shown, and to defeat that idolatrous religion those "enemies" follow, in the eyes of the whole world.

We love Israel and her dear people, and we pray daily for the safety of Israel and the "CONFOUNDING" of all her enemies, and, of course, for the peace of Jerusalem. May G-d make bless you, Rabbi, and make His Face to shine upon you! Shalom Shabbat. Sherry

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