Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Other Side of Life

Imagine the perfect Yeshiva guy....then twist his mind into something antithetical. That would be the Bobby Fischer.

If there is a Tree of Life and a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, then I believe we have just witnessed what it is to eat of the latter. The snake was cunning, a perverse form of Wisdom, and it seems Chess reveals the Dark Side of this Moon.

but...Chess is still very much life-like:

All that matters on the chessboard is good moves.
A strong memory, concentration, imagination, and a strong will is required to become a great chess player.
Chess is life.
Chess is war over the board. The object is to crush the opponent's mind.
I add status to any tournament I attend.
I despise the media.
I give 98 percent of my mental energy to Chess. Others give only 2 percent.
I know people who have all the will in the world, but still can't play good chess.
I like the moment I break a man's ego.
I'm not afraid of Spassky. The world knows I'm the best. You don't need a match to prove it.
It’s just you and your opponent at the board and you're trying to prove something.
My opponents make good moves too. Sometimes I don't take these things into consideration.
There are tough players and nice guys, and I'm a tough player.
You can only get good at Chess if you love the game.
You have to have the fighting spirit. You have to force moves and take chances.
Your body has to be in top condition. Your Chess deteriorates as your body does. You can't separate body from mind.
All I ever want to do is just play chess.
Best by test. (on 1. e4)
Chess demands total concentration.
Concentrate on material gains. Whatever your opponent gives you take, unless you see a good reason not to.
Don't even mention losing to me. I can't stand to think of it.
Genius. It's a word. What does it really mean? If I win I'm a genius. If I don't, I'm not.
I'm not afraid of him. He's afraid of me. I'm not afraid of him.  (on Spassky)
I don't keep any close friends. I don't keep any secrets. I don't need friends. I just tell everybody everything, that's all.
I don't believe in psychology. I believe in good moves.
I like to make them squirm.
I think it's almost definite that the game is a draw theoretically.
If I win a tournament, I win it by myself. I do the playing. Nobody helps me.
If you don't win, it's not a great tragedy - the worst that happens is that you lose a game.
Morphy was probably the greatest genius of them all.
My sister bought me a set at a candy store and taught me the moves.
Psychologically, you have to have confidence in yourself and this confidence should be based on fact.
Tactics flow from a superior position.
That's what chess is all about. One day you give your opponent a lesson, the next day he gives you one.
The turning point in my career came with the realization that Black should play to win instead of just steering for equality.
When I was eleven, I just got good.

...and a complete waste of a Life as an addiction; Learn Torah, and Live a real free Life.


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