Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Join In On The Summer Fun!

It is that time of year, where the Summer Fun has just begun!

School is out and Camp is in!

In Israel, [like most parts of the World] camp is time to let loose, have fun, and leave home for the day to go out and play as a community!

It is the time to grow into the next grade, and for parents to enjoy their kids, and watch the fruit of their labors sprout up!

Camp isn't mandatory or an exceptional perk, as all parts of society can't wait to hop into the camp fun!

Sadly though, camp can be expensive, and not all families can fully afford camp, even afford assistance; start adding up the number of kids in any house, and the challenge only mounts.

I would like to start a Tzeddaka [Charitable cause] project over the next week, to help raise enough money to send as many kids to camp as possible.

I put myself in this group of people who find giving the great childhood experience to our kids unnecessarily hard, and the kids have the right to have a blast all summer long, especially after going through the school year, and welcoming in the Summer with an unfortunate tragic state of affairs that has devastated the whole World.

I would like to raise at least $1,000 over the next week, and this money will 100% go to paying camp tuition for Tzfat, Israel youth.

If we can raise more, then all the better, as we can help kids all over Israel go to camp!

If you would like to donate and help kids keep smiling all summer long, here is how:



Thank You For Making Dreams Possible!      


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