Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Erev Rav or "Rav" Leadership

Welcome to Israel of the next Millenium: The age of ["eternal"] Klippah.

As Kedusha struggles to secure a Holy and Pure State of [Torah] Israel, Klippah, i.e. Erev Rav seeks to essentially accomplish the same, only from the side of exploitation. This would be the ultimate State of Israel, only one not from the merit of Torah, but from the toil of "OUR" hands.

The Irony of "Galus China", is that it is headed by the other Asian giant, Erev Rav, as Israel is technically Asian.  Even though it is the Galus that will never happen, for it is eternal, the Orient is seen as the opportunity for endless exploitation to cater to the "State's" long-term agenda. This would be a win-win scenario, other than it is exploitation, rooted in evil, and is to the mi-ut of Torah and Beis HaMikdash.

The Orient however, sees working with Erev Rav as an opportunity to fulfill its own agenda, as Israel would essentially become "Pax Judaica" while achieving a mastery of the Orient beyond what even The British Empire was able to accomplish.

There are two ways to spread Torah through the World: through Klippah or Kedusha. Through Torah or exploitation...to which it is said, "if not now, when?"

The Orient is a goldmine, something Israel is not short of these days; as not only the Orient is lending itself to the Jews, but finding Shale Oil reserves, Natural Gas, High Tech, etc...Israel is busting out in every way - With the Orient, this IS Galus China, as it is a Klippah that one would never recover from, as it is neither good or bad, its "OK." As such Kedusha would never be motivated to escape its veil and complacency.

The path of the Erev Rav would potentially be straighter if the production of the other Klippah (Erev Katan) would begin or return to produce Torat Emet, and cease the taiva of mediocrity.

In the end, if there was a True enterprise of Torah ideals (as opposed to its great rival Zionsim), perhaps there would be something to invest in that is not exploitation.

About the End of Days: ..."The Truth and Men of Truth will be missing."

Fortunately the Truth is something to invest in, and can lead the State into being the Light to Nations that it is destined to be.  The only question remaining, is where is the Leadership? With proper Leadership, the Erev Rav and Katan can take peace of mind in being and fulfilling their destiny within Klal Yisrael, which is to secure the State of Israel and promote Torah; once again, the story is the same as it always has been (going back to Korach for this reason) - Where are our Leaders!? This explains why the Moshiach is the paradigm Leader, as it isn't so much Klippah, but rather the lack of Leadership.

...to which the Gra says [in accordance that one might not be Erev Rav] as EASY as it is to be tangled in Klippah [as Kedusha falls victim] such a person is better off to not be created and this is the most bitter war, yet not to worry, for even the Forefathers fell victim to the likes of Yishmael and Esav.

Perhaps the shift in "Millennium" consciousness for Torah Judaism is to assess the concept "Leadership" in the contemporary World. Ironically, we are on the brink of such a paradigm shift, whether we like it or not, as Leadership IS the next step of Jewish History. The task is merely going through it and getting from Point A to Point B.


China and Israel on Monday pledged to boost ties between their armed forces as their chiefs of staff held talks in Beijing, according to a news release from the Chinese side. Chen Bingde, chief of General Staff of China's People's Liberation Army, hailed political, economic, cultural and people-to-people ties over the past 20 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Israel, the release said. "Military-to-military ties between the two nations have also grown along with the overall bilateral relationship," Chen told his Israeli counterpart, Benny Gantz. Chen said high-level visits as well as exchanges among technical groups of the two militaries have enriched their cooperation. The Chinese side attaches importance to the ties with the Israeli military, willing to make concerted efforts with the Israeli side to deepen pragmatic cooperation and contribute to the overall bilateral ties, said the Chinese general. Gantz, echoing Chen's remarks, said the Israeli armed forces look forward to more exchanges and closer cooperation with the Chinese side to make contribution to world peace and stability.

With Israel connected to the World through Covert Relationships in Russia, China, America, etc...Israel is positioning herself quite nicely for what will be "Pax Judaica."

Of course the Revealed element of this is as the Zohar and Sforim relate with lucid clarity: "The World will hate you." - For every reason imaginable.

Thus the more Isarael becomes "Asian" it is to the diminishment of its standing as a unique State in a unique place in the World, as the Holy Jewish People; an Enlighten(ed)/[ing] People that we are destined to be.

Again all that is really missing from this equation is Leadership.
The Story never changed and "There is nothing New under the Sun."

How about endorsing Leadership as an incorporation into the Velt.


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