Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Finally! Gog Putin?!

I love it! So many people have thought of Putin as a Gog figure, and now we have some good chomer to throw into the mix!

a) Israel has tons of Russians making aliyah; some Jewish, some very not Jewish. Some not shady, some who define mafioso-shady.

b) Russians are into every sect of society in Israel that ranges from movers to elite circles of finance, medicine, and politics.

c) Israel is run by Israeli Mafiosos

d)***It makes total sense that Russia could be manipulated into being a Mafia ally of the Shady-Israeli Sector. Just like Erev Rav is headed out East (as an Asian representative; as opposed to when Britain tried to do the same, but as a European - big difference: The Asians know Jews are really Asians)to do Business and secure Galus China, the Mafia side of Israel has the authentic infrastructure to be a great shidduch with Putin.

Don’t worry about Iran, Israel will take care of it, former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar quoted Russian President Vladimir Putin as telling him years ago. Aznar, speaking Wednesday at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs on a meeting he had with the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in 2002, said Putin’s comments came after he entreated him not to sell S300 missiles to Iran. Related: Iran, Syria ordered to pay terror victim's family US House mulls measure against Iran containment “We can sell them anything,” Aznar quoted Putin as saying, because in the end “Israel will take care of it.” Aznar, one of the few western leaders to have met Khamenei, said the Iranian made it clear when they met in October 2000, that “Israel was a historic cancer and anomaly condemned to disappear.” Aznar said he found in Khamenei a man not only inspired by faith, but also “more nationalistic than I imagined." Aznar said the Iranian leader wanted Iran to flourish in all fields, especially science and technology, in order to attain self sufficiency and independence. It was this desire for self-sufficiency, he said, which has led the Iranians to strive to develop nuclear weapons, rather than buy one from North Korea or Pakistan. Aznar said that during their conversation Khamenei said that “an open confrontation with Israel and the US was inevitable,” and that “he was working for Iran to prevail in such a confrontation. “ Aznar said that Khamenei made clear during their conversation that “it was necessary to eliminate the threat Israel posed." The former Spanish prime minister said this obviously meant Khamenei believed Israel must be “removed."

One thing about the Torah of the Gra few realize: Learn about Klippah! The Erev Rav know whats going on because they see through Klippah; Klippah defines the movement of Sheker in the World.

It makes total sense: Israeli Russian Mafia+ Russian Mafia = 1= Bomb Iran for free card.
(Stux Net anyone?)
Israel is unique that it simultaneously has every friend in the World while being in utter exile and solitude at the same time! (Kedusha vs. Klippah - even amongst the Jews; Erev Rav)...but in the End, each man for himself, which means team up on Israel and take the spoils of war.

Vote Putin 5772: Prime [New] Candidate for our Fellow Gog [in training]. 


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