Thursday, May 24, 2012

Torah: The Last Resort

We have just seen what could be the most monumental downfall in the History of the World: Gay Marriages legal as proposed by Obama. If America does endorse this, a most likely chain reaction across the Globe would ensue, erupting into an immoral crisis of Pre-Flood conditions. Every country would adopt the same measures, and the World would be found guilty.

But what guilt are we speaking of?

The Talmud [Chullin 92] says that the Nations of the World have adopted three Mitzvot, upon which the World's merit endures:

1) Prohibition of Marriage contracts amongst men.
2) Prohibition of selling human flesh in the market...uh WHAT?!

Some of the 230 defectors interviewed by the Korea Institute for National Unification, spoke of the executions of people who had eaten human flesh or sold human flesh. There were reports of outbreaks of cannibalism in the isolated state in late 1990 after a disastrous famine killed an estimated 2 million people, but according to new reports these are more recent. The most recent case occurred in 2011 in the city of Musan, a deserter from the country said, while a father and son were executed by firing squad in the city of Doksong in 2006 after being found guilty of consuming human flesh. In a third case, a man was executed in Hyesan in December 2009 for killing a child and eating it. The man allegedly resorted to cannibalism after supplies to the city declined following the disastrous efforts of the government to reform the currency triggered runaway inflation and worsened already serious food shortages. The study is published in South Korea this week, but seems to corroborate by the North Korean documents to the police that were smuggled out of the country by Caleb Mission missionary group and it detailed several cases of cannibalism. In one case, a hungry man used an ax to kill a co-worker, ate some meat and the rest is sold at a local market like a lamb. Pyongyang has been accused of using food supplies as a weapon to intimidate their own people, turning a blind eye to illegal markets when food is scarce, but then cracking down on private sales of new and limited deliveries when supplies are more abundant. He is also accused of failing to give food aid from international aid to the needy.

Yes, the 2nd breech has occurred. (Now what?!) Two down 1 to go.

3) Kavod Ha-Torah

The next assault on the World's existence will be to threaten the Honor of Torah.

Our job: Return to Torah; The mission now is quite clear.

What was Bilaam's Prophecy? - How Goodly are your Tents O' Jacob.
The Talmud explains this as: How great are the enterprises of Torah amongst the Jewish People!

May the Jews and Noahides of the World all return to the Holy Torah, and gain Eternal Merit!

Don't be too Righteous nor too Wicked...[Shlomo HaMelech]
...but keep the Torah with wholeness of Heart!

One Must Honor The Torah  = וצדיק באמונתו יחיה...


yaak said...

Nice post.

Leah said...

Very interesting and excellent. Quite gross to visualize anyone eating someone's flesh.

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