Thursday, May 17, 2012

Generation Moshiach: The Face of a Dog

Known Dog Advocate and Consumer
The Generation of Moshiach will have the face of a dog:

On Britain's Got Talent, the World fell in Love with Jonathan who has a voice that many think has even trumped his predecessor SuBo (and the comparisons are plentiful).

Watch Jonathan, and witness his second place a dog. This is the generation we live in.
(there is Kol Isha, but this guy is special)

Here is your Finalist.

...and now the Champion: Fido

Only in 2012...The Dog imagery is only growing daily it seems; people are beginning to prefer Dogs over Mankind - Let alone that after Gay Marriages (Ahlo Barack!) we should begin to see Dog Marriages. (we already have dog bar mitzvas - Oy Vey!)

...and at least we have a dog lover (in the most literal sense) leading the Free World! - B.Obama

..."The Face of the Dog" - Moshiach BeKarov!


yaak said...

As they say, you are what you eat...

Devorah said...

What do you prefer: dogs or katz?
Personally, I've always been a cat lover...

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