Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shlomo, Ezra, and the Masons - Who Are They?

"The Temple"
The First and Second Temple Time Periods are shrouded in mystery - even to this day.
However, it is the "Mason" who has preserved something of a relic that sheds light on Jewish History.
If Erev Rav is behind the veil of Creation invested in Evil, and Zionism is spawned from Masonry, i.e. worship of Shlomo's Temple at the very least - WHO ARE THE MASONS?

Perhaps these videos wil shed light [if you have 5.5 hours to invest]
If you have a bit of knowledge of Jewish History, Theology, and Kabalah - these videos should be of insight into the mind and future of Klippah.

America - Israel - [destitute] - 3rd Temple and Moshiach Tzidkenu;  Para Adumah: From impurity one shall know Purity - the one mystery that evaded Shlomo.

There is a parallel World out there.
The Tarmadoy is the Klippah in the End of Days that is the "antidote" to God, Torah, and defeat of Yeitzer Hara.

Turn to Hashem and His Torah and shun Evil and imitation.

Torah: Forces of Good over Evil


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