Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Twisting Satan: Welcome to Naftali's World

Naftali Bennet: New Premier of Israel?

One thing struck me right away with him: Naftali Bent = בנט = שטן in atbash. Just an observation at this point.

Maybe he beat out Bibi?


After what he described as “a crazy weekend,” Habayit Hayehudi head Naftali Bennett sought to further distance himself from remarks made last week in which he said he would refuse an order to evict Jews from their homes in the Palestinian territories.

Speaking in English to a large, international crowd at the Tel Aviv port on Sunday evening, Bennett, a reservist in the Israel Defense Forces, called such a command “too much to tolerate” but said the obligation to obey orders supplanted one’s personal convictions.

“Every soldier has to obey democratically given orders, myself included,” he said, before launching into a discussion of his business experience and political platform.

As head of the right-wing Habayit Hayehudi party, he said his two-fold mission is “to restore the Jewish soul to Am Yisrael” and to “make it possible for anyone [Jewish] to live in Israel, especially young people.”

Regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Bennett said succinctly: “I will do everything in my ability, forever, to prevent a Palestinian state from being founded within the land of Israel.”

Once elected, he said his first priority would be to make housing more affordable, noting that real estate prices have increased by 40 percent during Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s term in office.

“All products are too expensive, and it’s just one of the toughest places to live price-wise in the world,” he said. “I almost see that as un-Zionist.”

Calling the ultra-Orthodox “our brothers and sisters,” Bennett said that Torah study is vital to the Jewish people but added that “the current situation where most Haredim don’t work and don’t serve is untenable, it’s unacceptable.” The line drew heavy applause.

Instead of forcing all of the ultra-Orthodox to enlist, Bennett said the state must create more opportunities for those who are willing to serve in some way. He said he had conducted his own research and found that there are many more ultra-Orthodox who want to enlist in the military or do national service than there are open slots for them.

“They have the biggest sanction over them already: poverty,” he said. “They don’t want to be poor anymore, especially the young generation.”

When asked his views about religious equality in Israel, and specifically about the arrests of women who participate in monthly prayer services at the Western Wall organized by the group Women of the Wall, Bennett said he subscribes to the principle of “live and let live.”

“The flip side is we want to retain the Jewish identity of the state,” he said. “It’s something that we have to sit down and have a dialogue [about]. Some things won’t happen the way you want.”

Bennett's appearance was arranged by the Tel Aviv International Salon, which also invited Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid to speak to its patrons earlier this month. The son of American immigrants who moved to Israel before he was born, Bennett frequently played to the international audience.

Alluding to the firestorm over his remarks about disobeying orders, he quoted U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt, who said that “there is no effort without error and shortcoming.” At one point he feigned a strong Israeli accent and joked about cultural differences between Israel and America, where he spent several years running a hi-tech company. With a wink to the current administration, he noted that there are no Hebrew words for “competence” or “accountability.”

A potential voter, who gave his name as Mitch B. and who immigrated to Israel from Baltimore four years ago, said he was not entirely swayed by Bennett’s pitch. “I like that he’s self-made in America, so I think he knows how to get things to work efficiently without corruption,” he said. “My concern is that he lacks certain leadership characteristics. He’s not a Bibi.” 

at least its not going to be a Democrat named Obama. Which anti-Messianic contender shall it be? They all seem to fit the bill coupled with grandiose delusion, so whats new?


Anonymous said...

bs'd So much for the Mayan calendar. What's the next theory? (I know that this has nothing to do with this article but I wanted to ask anyway)

bbgn said...

Aren't B'nei Naftali, whoever they are, black, considering Ethiopian Jews claim descent from Dan, besides Sheba. The Kinneret record is interesting, ken? And what is Naftali Bennet anyway, a Jew of European extraction? I thought Germany entertained banning circumcision, along with the inhospitable cities of San Francisco and Santa Monica. Would that qualify Europeans West of Siberia for recompense courtesy of Niños day Shimon ve Bene Levi, in lieu of the inhospitable hosts of Europe toward Banot Deanah, during the previous World War?

rabbi david katz said...

i liked the mayan calendar based on the obvious zohars and the terence mckenna theory [which i believe in both as i have seen revealed truth in both] there are a lot of reasons to think we are in an es ratzon [and chazal were said to be masters of tekufot, i.e. mayan calendar chomer, along with gra geulah times being now based on time and kabala] and the es ratzon should extend until '75-6 as one long tekufa, which is what it should be [as opposed to a "point in time" i think it is far fetched to anticipate a big revelation or point of clarity. its a tekufa of gradual revelation. with that said thinking back over time and where it seems we are and where we are going, it is very clear that this could be it. in the grand scheme of things 50 years conclusion seems long, but not when pitted against 6000. i think we are on a constant ascension towards geulah. the good will get better and the wicked will get worse. i think we are in it now, the gras torah along wiht zohar seem to be proven true, and people that can see it this way all seem to recall the same revelation. the gra calls this be'ita achishena, which in kol hator there is a pshat to this, that it will happen in its time, then thing after thing will happen until conclusion. it seems that is the case right now. however if the world works itself out and no geulah, i concede we missed our opp. of the es ratzon. but i think it is foolish and dangerous tor abandon due to sufek or people that wish to frighten others by saying n othing is going on rationally. something is clearly going on. i just hope it rhas the momentum to continue. i also feel the mayan date was instituted by the tribe of zvulon/issachar, as it seems to be a kabalistic knowledge/time

rabbi david katz said...

i dont know; i have my own theory about 10 lost tribes, and that isnt one of them

bbgn said...

What are Black Jews, then, other than Black? Levitical? What is their connection with Reuven, basically. MaNishtana is basking in quite a bit of Midia attention as of late, since completing his book. The Color-Coded designations has grown tiresome and insufficient.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so anti-Naftali Bennett?

Klishlishi said...

As Rabbi Mattisyahu Glazerson pointed out immediately after the Rabin killing in 1995, "Yigal Amir", the supposed assassin, has the same Gematria as "Hasatan" and also "Hamoshiach" ie a Messianic-type person also has the potential to be the opposite.

Meanwhile Bennett seems to be making good waves, stirring things up nicely, goes to shul in Raanana, & in this clip gives over some Torah

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