Thursday, December 6, 2012

This Is The End My Friend

Assad is just about done, as America is threatening invasion [warships are off the coast] due to the threat of chemical weapons being launched on the Syrian people. This has major implications if Syria goes down. What will be of Iran's proxy war tactics? America in an Iraq 2.0 position, right next door to Israel [Jerusalem anyone?]. Lebanon and Jordan are feeling it from Syria, etc. etc.

When Syria goes down, all eyes will be on two targets: Iran and Jerusalem.
Malchut Yisrael vs. Malchut Yishmael.
As foretold in the Talmud Yoma.

If America goes in there, it is a very big deal indeed; Let it be known as well that Syria is quasi-holy land, as it was conquered by King David, and is directly affiliated with Eretz Yisrael...and in regards to the End of Days: Damascus will cease to be a city.

Close we are.


Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton indicated Wednesday that Washington is as concerned about Syria’s chemical weapons falling into the hands of Syrian rebels as it is about the possibility that Syrian President Bashar Assad may decide to deploy them.

“Our concerns are that an increasingly desperate Assad regime might turn to chemical weapons, or might lose control of them to one of the many groups that are now operating within Syria,” Clinton told reporters at the end of two days of NATO ministerial meetings in Brussels. “We have sent an unmistakable message that this would cross a red line and those responsible would be held to account.”

Rebels have been making substantial territorial gains in Syria and have overrun a number of Syrian military bases, capturing supplies of conventional weapons. U.S. officials have indicated that Syria’s chemical weapons stocks remain secure, but officials and experts have voiced concern that insurgents could seize facilities where chemical agents are stored.

Western and Israeli officials are believed to be closely monitoring known Syrian chemical weapons depots. An unanswered question is whether signs of a rebel approach on a chemical facility would trigger an international response to prevent toxic weaponry from falling into the hands of insurgent militias.

The fragmented Syrian rebel force includes many Islamist units and several brigades said to be linked to Al Qaeda. The presence of such militants is one reason why the Obama administration has thus far declined to provide weapons to the rebels fighting to oust Assad, whom Obama has called on to step down.

Assad took steps to keep chemical weapons out of the hands of militants, the news agency Reuters reported Wednesday, citing an interview with Israel’s vice prime minister, Moshe Yaalon.

"Clear messages were relayed to Assad on a number of opportunities, and in response Assad in fact gathered up the weaponry and separated the material," Reuters quoted Yaalon as telling the Israeli news website Walla.

The disposition of Syria’s chemical stockpiles is an especially sensitive issue in Israel, with its close proximity to Syria, leaving it potentially vulnerable to Syrian ballistic missiles and warplanes. “There is speculation that the chemical arsenal will fall into the hostile and irresponsible hands of the likes of Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups,” Yaalon said.

In the interview, Yaalon confirmed that Washington had spotted “suspicious activity” at Syria’s chemical stockpiles, prompting President Obama to issue a stern warning to Assad this week that use of chemical weapons would not be tolerated.

The prospect of a chemical attack via ballistic missiles is one reason NATO this week agreed to Turkey’s request that Patriot anti-missile batteries be deployed at points along Turkey’s more than 500-mile border with Syria. Turkish news reports Wednesday quoted Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu as saying that Syria possesses about 700 missiles and that the government in Ankara knows exactly where they are.


Leah said...

May we see Moshiach THIS year!

joshwaxman said...

At what point without absolute apocalypse would you say that this is not the end?

in other words, if 5 months have passed after the date of the Mayan apocalypse, and Mashiach has not arrived (in an overt, "hey guys, I am here and I am mashiach fashion), would you retract? how about 5 years?

kol tuv,

Klishlishi said...

In the middle of the Syrian Desert is the ancient city of Palmyra, also known as Tarmod/Tadmor: "One may light the Chanukah menorah until the feet of the Tarmodeans have left the marketplace...." (Shabbos 21) - עד דכליא ריגלא דתרמודאי
literally "until the feet of the Tarmodeans have been destroyed" -
see "Holiday Maamarim" vol II p 115, R.David Rothschild.

Tarmod figures in Kabbalah & Chassidus as the Klippa d"Tarmodai, more subtle and more dangerous even than Amolek, the Erev Rav and the Erev Katan - "the masters of concealement" - who have for thousands of years subtly attempted from within and without to subvert Torah Judaism.

The Tarmodeans have been variously identified: by the Lubavitcher Rebbe as the Masons; by R.Marvin Antelman as the NWO (of which the Council on Foreign Relations is a branch). Others include the the Shabbateans, Frankists, Illuminati, Haskala, Mendelssonians, Marxists, "Holy Order of Knights of Malta", Buckingham Group, Cavendish Group, Rothschilds, Narodnicks, Biderbergers, Masorti Movement, Trilateral Commission, Peace Now etc etc!

Their ultimate goal is a truncated Israel, an emasculated Jewish People, and the erection of a perverse antinomian "Reverse- Judaism Temple" on the Har Habayis in Jerusalem, including the offering of human korbonos to their deity!

That the Americans ("Edom") and CFR lackeys may soon be invading Syria/quasi Eretz Yisrael and literally getting their grubby mitts on Tadmor, and even Jerusalem, is particularly ominous.

Tadmor/Damascus remaining in the hands of an evil Alawite quasi-Yishmaelite like Assad, may be better than letting it fall in to the hands of the seemingly friendly "masters of concealement" Obama, Blair, Clinton, Peres, Merkel, Hollande, Kerry, Bushes, Berlusconi, Papists etc etc, and the Sheidim behind them!

David said...

a) we must believe moshiach can come at any moment; my commentary of torah current events makes that a [possible]reality.

b) when/if the world were to revert to "normal" and none of the messianic players are present, and the world no longer expresses anything even slightly messianic, perhaps then i would rescind and say that the es ratzon has passed w/o a geulah. only now is not that time, even in the slightest. as of right now [as i see it] we are in the middle of an es ratzon for the geulah on many fronts. if moshiach doesnt come out of all of this, what we will have learned [according to a magid shiur of daf yomi in tzfas] is that when concerning moshiach, it is possible to have the players present, al pi pshat and w/o [as josh would say] "a kvetch"; today we have a real iran, yaakov, damascus, etc - as all are prophecied. thus if this is not it, then when it does happen, our dor would be a benchmark in the realm of possibility, and the true geulah would be even more shayach than it is now. that to me is hard to say, because i cant see a more mamash fulfillment than what we are going through now. therefore for me to rescind there would have to be a complete setira of practically all the current events going on, and to me that seems like a complete impossibility. therefore i will continue to believe, and this has 0% to do with a goyish mayan calendar, that probably came from jews anyways.

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