Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Will the Real Moshe Rabbeinu Please Rise! [Move Aside Sar]

Assad - and his [of the last] Yishmaelite Sar [Angelic Host] above is ready to fall. The Yishmaelite Exile comes as the tail to Edom. We know that Jacob was afraid when the end of Edom [at the dream of the ladder] was nowhere in sight. If we are this shlepped out on these last x-amount of Yishmaelite Sarim [as Arab Spring seems to be the process] then perhaps their End is near.

One interesting point, is that Yishmael is to do Teshuva before the Moshiach comes. This seems to be a component that is being fulfilled [which leads me to believe Arab Spring is the falling of the Heavenly Hosts], as I have two personal accounts that suggest as such.

I worked as an English teacher in an Arab Village in Israel. The village was somewhat hostile, but I felt no danger from the institution  as such. The principal was an Imam [and I come in dressed like full-fledged Brisker!] and we go along quite well. I remember on tenth of Teves that year [when Arab Spring began], i noticed a weird behavior by this Imam,as he was telling me about his holiday [Ashura? something like that] where they were to fast...yaddah...yaddah...."because [he says to me] "Moses did with the Israelites" [and their prophet told them this insight about Moses, who is a prophet for them]. I responded to him, "Moshe Rabbeinu did that?! [I couldn't help it, it just came out] and he says, "yes! Moshe Rabbeinu did this!" All I remember is, this Imam said the words, "Moshe Rabbeinu"  - and I'll never forget that. The whole experience  was a bit dangerous from the people that would pass by and see me, but the Imam and his chevre, were on a different mission - one to compete with America, something very Eu-like.

My sister teaches English in Saudi Arabia [now]. Her perception is similar. She explained to me that they also just want to be international players in global competition [like the EU].

From this there are several dynamics: Yishmael's teshuva, Islam, and Amalek. It appears they have done some teshuva, as most do not believe in this flavor of Islam that wants to kill. The problem is, is that Amalek is into every sector of the world, as the Gra states: Erev Rav - Esau - Yishmael. Thus the "religious perversions" of each is actually none other than Amalek, who happens to be very good at brain washing, manipulating, capitalizing, etc.

Old school religion is on the way out. Yushka is dead. Islam wants radical moderation amongst its people, and Torat Moshiach is close by. To stay on topic with Yishmael, they know that Israel/Erev Rav is in deep in the Middle East, and that the Saudis work with Israel. They are actually more like Noahides in waiting than bloodkillers. The problem is, Amalek runs the show, and teaches Islam is killing Jews etc - holding them prisoner to Islam, when in truth, they would probably accept Noahide Laws, they just know it even exists.  They want to be Global, competing, etc. To me, this shows that the world modernizing is good for them, and an inspiration of teshuva. I have seen a bit of it myself as I said. But I also saw my life threatened daily by them, and their Amalekite influence engraved into their hearts.

The World is very ready for Noahide Laws and Torah Moshiach - only Amalek is waging his war now, and has captive most people. To this the Gra states: to be joined with Amalek - is better if you hadn't been created - for obvious reasons. Jews are put to death, and Islam becomes what we see on the news. But if their teshuva would go through, and Amalek would fall, we would see unprecedented Noahides in every sector. As I said, the lehman Muslim has largely moved on, and it is his traditionalism [and its inertia and shallow belief system] that remains blood thirsty; he could drop it if something better came up. The stumbling block is Amalek [as it is for the whole world.] Jews would come to Torah, if  Erev rav/Katan would not promote hidden Amalek agendas.

With that said, it looks like Yishmael, teshuva, Amalek, is all coinciding together. May we quickly see Amalek die, Yishmael do Teshuva, and a Moshiach ben David appear, as the Gra states: Beta - Achishena: In its time, then the whole baalagan!

It looks like  Assad's angel is grasping that Amalek card - and when it lets go, we could see the teshuva that may/appears to be/have been going on.
I wouldn't say my experience in the village was pleasant, and my sister is not "safe" - but we both agreed: something is going on [over there]. And I'm hoping that something is a story of teshuva.


According to the IDF, the escalating clashes between Assad's army and rebel forces have prompted the Syrian president to increase his artillery and anti-aircraft missile purchases; which Israel believes amounted to $2-$3 billion over the past two years – more than in the past 40 years combined.

IAF Chief Maj.-Gen. Amir Eshel said last week that "Syria has various weapon systems, including a vast arsenal of unconventional warfare. We have to be prepared for multiple scenarios."

Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai quoted diplomatic sources as saying that the United States and Russia are likely to formulate a plan for a power transition in Syria by February.

According to the report, the agreement will allow the UN Security Council to sponsor a transitional government as part of the United Nations' efforts to stem the bloodshed in the war-ravaged country.

The paper alleged that Russia – which has so far blocked any Security Council resolution against Damascus – has come to terms with the fact that Assad's regime is beyond redemption and is now interested in pursuing a solution that would stop Syria from slipping into anarchy.

Also on Wednesday, the London-based Arab newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat quoted a Syrian defector, who served in Assad's chemical warfare division, as saying that the Homs bombing in which sarin-like gas was used, was Assad's way of testing the waters vis-à-vis the international community.

The US, EU, NATO and the UN have all warned the Syrian president that using chemical weapons on civilians would carry serious international consequences.

The defector, identified in the report as Abd al-Salam Abd al-Razaq, said that a chemical weapon was used in the shelling, and that "using the gas in Homs was Assad's way of feeling the international community's pulse on the matter."

The gas used, he added "dissipates quickly, allowing Assad's forces to sweep down on the area within 30 minutes."

He further warned that the international community is unlikely to be able to get a sample of the gas "unless you're there when it's being used… Syria has large caches of Sarin, Mustard and Tabun gas."


Moshe said...

Very soon :o)

Anonymous said...

If anyone is Amalek, Russia is Amalek. Do not believe anything they say publicly.

Shiloh said...

If he came, we would not recognise him, if he spoke we would hate what he would have to say, if he remained silent they would hate him for being silent, what do you really expect from him?

We all feel it's time, even the Goyim know it. See a great series on Kahana Hub Pages. By the way, Katz means Kahana Tzadik. Meveen?

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