Monday, December 3, 2012

Chutzpan! Jerusalem Sheh-LEE!

We all thought we were seeing the nuclear, bomb-type of Gog v' recently as a few weeks ago.

Now, with the flick of the wrist if you will, is Gog v' Magog a political attempt of conquest? Whatever is going, was it swift! From Obama getting put  elected into office, then onto a skirmish in Western Israel Gaza, now we have what looks like the real deal. All roads lead to Jerusalem, and now more than ever it seems.


Britain is considering recalling its ambassador to Israel to protest at Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to expand settlement building, a diplomatic source said on Monday.

Israel's Haaretz newspaper reported that France was also considering withdrawing its envoy.

Both embassies declined to comment on the reports, but the British issued a statement saying they had made clear they would not support strong Israeli retaliation to a U.N. vote last week that gave the Palestinians de facto recognition of statehood.

"The recent Israeli government decision to build 3,000 new housing units threatens the two-state solution and makes progress through negotiations harder to achieve," the British embassy in Tel Aviv said.

"We have called on the Israeli government to reconsider."

A diplomatic source, who declined to be named, said London would decide later in the day whether to recall its ambassador.

Such a move by both London and Paris would represent a severe diplomatic reproach to Netanyahu. Israel's Vice Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon told Israeli Army Radio he was not aware of any recall.

"I did not hear of this, either via the foreign ministry or the prime minister's office. Therefore I have a hard time believing it is true," he said.

Netanyahu has brushed off world condemnation of his latest settlement plans, which were announced on Friday just hours after the United Nations voted overwhelming to upgrade the Palestinians' diplomatic status.

"We will carry on building in Jerusalem and in all the places that are on the map of Israel's strategic interests," Netanyahu said on Sunday at a weekly cabinet meeting.

Besides authorizing 3,000 new homes in and around Jerusalem, the Israeli government also agreed to expedite planning work for thousands more homes on barren land near Jerusalem that critics say would kill off Palestinian hopes of creating a viable state.

In another blow to the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, Israel announced on Sunday it was withholding Palestinian tax revenues this month worth about $100 million.

Israel said it was taking the money to help cover a Palestinian debt of $200 million with the Israeli Electric Corporation.

They think this is a mirror 2.0?


Klishlishi said...

If the Arab parties follow the current trend of big parties and get their act together and unite in to one big party, and if every Arab who could voted for them, they could have a bloc of 24 seats in the Knesset!

If they held the balance of power and joined Labour/Kadima/Meretz/Yesh Atid, then that would be a glorious confirmation of Rabbi Meir Kahane's prediction that one day the Arabs will democratically liquidate the State of Israel without firing a shot!

Ahmed Tibi as Deputy PM?! Don't say it couldn't happen!

Anonymous said...


With all due love and respect: You should be very careful of what ideas you bring to life by opening your mouth.

FinchleyRoad said...

Perfidious Albion indeed.

Anonymous said...

Very true Rabbi Katz........What I do not get is why other countrie's politicians, think they have the right to tell Israel can do with her promised land??? Why do they persist in this? Israel is not a big place comparatively..... Sort of like the Basque country is small, ancient and has her own culture, yet the French try to assimilate, as do the Spanish... They should be left alone, but the bigger countries have forced them to become warriors..... I am pround that Israel is not cavind in to the pressures of other stupid politicians as she used to do to try to keep peace. I say fight back. And you know me , I live with warriors of my own, and they agree. Shamah Astirah.

Anonymous said...

Tell me a good reason why, should Israel, or BiBi listen to countries that hve become so against Israels well being? The UK has cow-towed to the will of extremist for so long, that now they have to show support for them, and they have to put up with the abuse that these extremist have brought into their own cities. out of fear of reprisal... there is no respite for them.....As for Obama.. he did not win the election , he took it by offering the lazy no goods a socialist form of gov't. Take from those who work for what they have and distribute it to the lazy no goods. Heck no I do not like anything he has done. He is potentially setting the US up to split up. We have an internal war going on here. Israel is getting on the right track, and does not need to cave into any of these ostriches with their heads deep in the sand...Shamah Astirah

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