Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Small in the Face of God - Oy Moshiach!

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Klishlishi said...

The Haredi Jew of today THRIVES on smallness: small politics, small borders for the Land of Israel, riots over buried donkey bones, Kashrus scandals over invisible worms, pett tzniyus scandals, very shallow shiurim with plemty of sidelock-twirling etc etc.

To be melamed zechuss on them, they do relentlessly keep all the physical mitzvos....but with ever increasing chumros and unnecessary minutiae, not in accordance with the spirit of the "Toras Eretz Yisrael" with which the Torah was observed 2000+ years ago.

The thing is that if the Jews want/can only handle a "Small Redemption", in what form will it take?!

G-d may want to bring a "Big Redemption", which the Jews (both good Jews + the nominal Erev Rav & Erev Katan Jews) may not be able to handle in neither mind or body.

The commentators say on Tehillim 2 that Frum Jews themselves will attempt to assassinate the Moshiach when he reveals himself! If so, there may literally have to be a 66%-80%+ reduction in population as predicted in Zecharya & as happened in Yetziyas Mitzrayim.

All this talk of WMDs like Iran's x3 size Hiroshima A bomb and Syria's Sarin gas are messages from Heaven, as is the calls in Hungary of all places that lists of the country's Jews be once again be drawn up again: "One day the Americans will build BETTER GAS CHAMBERS than the Germans!" (Rabbi Avigdor Miller 1979).

Klishlishi said...

חדל נא מי יקום יעקב כי קטן הוא
"Please O L-rd desist: how can Yaakov survive? HE IS SO SMALL!" (Amos 7:5)

Shiloh said...

Klishlishi, a bothersome comment about the frummies trying to assasinate the Mashiach. Hopefully from within they are spreading the word not to be so stupid, sadly though I have no trust in them, neither should the one who God will choose as His representitive. I am afraid we will totally screw this up because the person will not condone their twisted version of idolotry of the minute like you state. Kol hakavod is seeing this.

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