Thursday, December 27, 2012

Heaven Is Flooding! Or are We Flooding Heaven?

All [Kinneret Waters] Rise!

Winter '73 is looking Good!

The Kinneret is expected to have risen 25 centimeters since heavy rains began on Thursday, its sharpest December rise in 20 years. The winter storm which hit the country over the past few days weakened on Saturday, but the rainfall has resulted in a monthly precipitation level far above the average for December.

River currents in the north were still high on Saturday, although lower than the record heights reported in recent days. As a result of the increased flow in northern streams, the Kinneret's water level rose sharply, reaching 212.07 meters below sea level Saturday morning.

The Kinneret remains 3.27 meters short of its high-water line. The Israel Water Authority's hydrology service estimates that the water level will rise by another few centimeters on Sunday, to 212.00 meters below sea level.

A similarly sharp rise in the water level during December has not occurred since 1991 and 1992 (during the following months of January and February, there were even higher increases in the water level ).

According to data provided by the Meteo-Tech company, between Thursday morning and Sunday evening, 144 millimeters of rain fell in the Golan Heights; Safed received 125 millimeters - 215 percent of its average precipitation during this month; and at Ginosar, near the Kinneret, 61 millimeters of rain were recorded (157 percent ).

Heavy rainfall was also registered at Kfar Vradim (140 millimeters ) and in Haifa (104 millimeters - 182 percent ). Forty-eight millimeters fell on Tel Aviv (96 percent ), and 55 millimeters in Jerusalem.

The precipitation reached as far south as Ashdod and Kiryat Gat, but failed to affect the Negev this time. Overall, quantities in the south were lower, although Rishon Letzion absorbed 140 percent of its average precipitation for the period.

Multitudes of tourists converged on Israel's north on Saturday to view the swollen streams, especially Nahal Dishon in the Upper Galilee, the Jordan River, and Sa'ar Falls in the Golan Heights.

Snow continued to fall on Saturday at Mount Hermon, reaching a depth of 50 centimeters. The Mount Hermon ski site was closed Saturday due to heavy fog, and is expected to reopen tomorrow.

According to Meteo-Tech, Sunday will be partly cloudy, and temperatures will drop. There is a possibility of local showers, beginning in the afternoon through Tuesday. Temperatures will rise slightly as the week progresses, and no additional rain is forecast.


Leah said...

Dear Rabbi Katz,
A question for you: In your previous post ( and others) you have mentioned that Yishmael will do teshuvah. I thought they will be put to death in the end. when you say they will do teshuvah, what do you mean?

rabbi david katz said...

it says in the first pussuk of toldos by the baal haturim that for moshiach ben david to come - yishmael is prophesied to do teshuva, based on the loshon of the pussuk preceding toldos. what exactly his teshuva will be, we have to see. im hoping that arab spring will [in the end] be [surprisingly] his teshuva. in the torah, yishmael let yitzchak bury avraham first, as that was his teshuva. mysa avos simon the lebanim - banim here is moshiach ben david who comes from "isaac"

Leah said...

Thank you. Shabbat Shalom.

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