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A Sage Has Died: Torah Of Erev Rav - Armilos

Benzion Netanyahu

Zionism and Israeli Politics are not developments in thought, rather they are deeply rooted in theology of Erev Rav, Idolotry of the Land of Israel, and the desecration of Moshe Rabbeinu. When the Erev Rav came out of Egypt, they had one thing in mind: Zion.

Today's politics [and Palestinian] is merely composed of debates and strategy in Torah of Klippah.

Topics with undertones consisting of Moses' Grave, Borders of Israel, Direction of the Jewish People, all comprise the theology of the Erev Rav called Zionism. Moses brought them out of Egypt, for as we see today it is a guarantee of an eventual Redemption, even if over a long period of time; consider it an algorithm of Time/Redemption Ratio. The Spies were a similar breed: the Loshon HaRah of the Land will end up producing a love of the Land, a return to the Land (and cleansing; i.e. today's Zionism), and a final Redemption once Evil has run its course.

Holiness manipulating Klippah is not new, as Abraham was the master of it, and Moses has worked it into a scheme of Redemption, even after his death and while in Exile outside of the Land. However, The Erev Rav believe they are the Truth as opposed to a temporary necessary evil to the cleanse the Land, as they are fulfilling their purpose of their having coming out of Egypt. Today's Zionism and Politics within Israel is the Torah of the Land that they connect to, theologize, and worship. It is the Avodah Zara of the Land that they always anticipated from the tie that they came out with the Jews, and now is their time.

Thus Today's Reality is not chaos or random; rather it is a crafty scheme rooted in the depths of Tumah and Avodah Zara, while Hashem uses this vessel to cleanse the Land, as a precursor to the sending of Elijah, as it says, "Lest I strike the Land."

In the wake of coming out of the Exile, we are experiencing the Orlah and Klippah of the Fruit; thus before the Land is acquired, we are ridding it of its Evil, such as Hashem commanded Joshua. If they didn't do it then when commanded with Moses and Joshua, Hashem has it arranged that the Erev Rav will do the job, while believing that they in fact are Holy, much like Ishmael believes what he is doing is Holy in a counter-attack, thus Galus Yishmael is essential and crucial against the Erev Rav. (i.e. countering with "Border Patrol" and mitigation of Erev Rav takeover beyond its intent - much like the Nachash in Gan Eden)

Bibi's father is dead; an authentic incarnation of this necessary evil, one who has taught over to Bibi the secrets of authentic Erev Rav. Where we go from here is a question, but Bibi, for whatever its worth, has finished his education from an Erev Rav master.

The Erev Rav is a Klippah, one that "one can see through" ( how many connotations does this idiom contain?) It is no surprise that Bibi has this to say of his father: "I learned from you to look into the future."

May Benzion's death be a sign of the death of the Erev Rav to come, and a precursor to Messianic Times in Holiness with the loss of Evil, Coming to The Land of Israel, and finding Melech Moshiach (Moshe as the Goel Acharon) as predicted by the Zohar.

Hopefully the Erev Rav are close to having served their purpose; that purpose that Moshe brought them out of Egypt, to be a tool in acquiring the Land of Israel in a worst-case scenario. Well, it was a worst-case scenario, the longest route was taken, and we should be close to the End.

If we can "see through Erev Rav" - then what does it say that through their evil, all we see is Geulah? Much like the God-Particle in science, is the only place on Earth that actively seeks God (ironically), then perhaps its the Erev Rav that is the most active in seeking Moshiach.

..."The Para Adumah": From Tumah comes Purity.

Erev Rav wanting Geulah is called Armilos - a distorted Redemption that is eternal exile. As the Gra says, Moshiach Ben Yosef will live, and see the downfall of Armilos, and usher in Moshiach ben David, when death will be swallowed up for good.

May it be in these days...

Click Here To Read About Bentzion Netanyahu

Benzion was a prominent Revisionist Zionist activist in the US, served as secretary to Ze'ev Jabotinsky, was a writer and editor; Yacimovich to PM: Your father was unique, he left a deep imprint on Israeli society. Photo: REUTERS/POOL New Benzion Netanyahu, father of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, died early Monday morning at the age of 102. The Labor and Meretz parties withdrew their no-confidence votes in the Knesset, out of respect for the prime minister. Benzion Netanyahu had been a prominent Revisionist Zionist activist in the US, had served as secretary to Ze'ev Jabotinsky, and was a writer and editor. He died at the age of 102. The senior Netanyahu was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1910, and was a historian and a professor emeritus at Cornell University. He lived in Jerusalem when he died. He married Tzila Segal in 1944, and remained married until her death in 2000. Benzion was father to three sons with Segal: Yonatan Netanyahu, a Sayeret Matkal commander who was the sole Israeli casualty during the successful operation to free hundreds of hostages in Entebbe, Uganda who were taken aboard a hijacked airplane, Iddo Netanyahu, a radiologist and writer, and Binyamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel. He was secretary to Ze'ev Jabotinsky, a Revisionist Zionist leader credited with fathering the movement in the United States. At a party to celebrate his father's 100th birthday, the Jewish Chronicle quoted the prime minister as having said: "I learned from you to look into the future." Knesser speaker Reuven Rivlin told Israel Radio that "Bibi learned the pure Zionism from a man who was so close to Jabotinsky," adding that the prime minister "was educated in a home where Zionism was a Zionism with no compromise... though Bibi's realpolitik was much more developed." "Professor Netanyahu was an important scholar, both profound and original," Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar said of the late Netanyahu. "His wide research on the [Spanish] Marranos and the Inquisition period was revolutionary, and has important historical value." Sa'ar said Benzion was Zionist to the core, adding that he was the "outstanding pupil of Herzl and Jabotinsky." Labor Party leader Shelly Yacimovich sent her condolences to the prime minister, writing that "we all have only one father. And in your case, we are talking about a unique man, distinguished historian, an ideologue and an intellectual who left a deep imprint on Israeli society. Benzion served as the executive director of the New Zionist Organization of America during the 40s, making him a prominent Revisionist Zionist activist in the United States. He became the chief editor of the Encyclopedia Hebraica during his stay in Israel. He was also editor of the group's biweekly US publication, Zionnews, where he authored editorials that typically dealt with the latest Palestine-related political developments and controversies. In one editorial that Benzion wrote, on the occasion of the springtime Passover holiday, Benzion contemplated how the suffering of the Jews could never separate them from their faith or extinguish their hopes: “Through oceans of blood, our blood, through oceans of tears, our tears, hated, persecuted, beaten, wandering and homeless, we assemble at the Pessah Seder to thank God for our liberation from Egypt, and to express once again the hope of the Haggada: ‘This year we are still slaves – next year we shall be free men.’” "Only a nation of our spiritual caliber could come through the ages of unparalleled sufferings with its spirit unbroken; still alive; still striving for liberty. Next year we shall be free men,” he opined.

May Zionism give way (and die with Benzion) to The True Torah of Moshe, and get rid of the Avodah Zara once and for all,

with the Bias Moshiach Tzidkenu (plural connotation): [Moshe V' Trein Moshichin ( Moshe and the Messiah's of David and Joseph)]

and the Building of the Third Temple - The True and only Zion!


Anonymous said...

I have heard that the modern State of Israel is mashiach ben Yosef. That when it is destroyed all of Israel will grieve(as it states in Zecharia 12:10~14)

"And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplication; and they shall look unto Me because they have thrust him through; and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his first-born."

Shiloh said...

Nothing like diversion of really whom the erev rav truly are.

Anonymous said...

The Kabbalists, especially the Vilna Gaon, were adamant that that Mashiach ben Yosef would not die, and that the decress concerning his demise has been nullified. Just as "David Melech Yisrael Hai VeKayam", so too "Od Yosef Hai"

Anonymous said...

I don't think this is a nice article and I really hate that photo you chose. Did you get it from a neo-nazi or klan site ?

Klishlishi said...

Even harder than confronting Yishmoel and with Edom, is that of rooting out the power the Erev Rav (Kol HaTor 2) eg Rabbi Marvin Antelman in his outstanding "To Eliminate The Opiate" vols I & II shows that the Council on Foreign Relations is merely the current manifestation of a metaphysical Sabbatian-Frankist-Mendelssohnian-Maskil-Masonic-Illuminati-Marxist-Rothschild-Narodnick-Biderberger-Trilateral Commission-New World Order conspiracy.Amongst the CFR's 4000 members are many “Court Jews” and others of Jewish extraction who occupy high positions all over the world, and whose goal is part of a vast ancient conspiracy referred to in Chassidus as the Klippah d'Tarmodai, more dangerous even than Klippas Amolek, whose goal, wittingly or unwittingly, is to orchestrate the destruction of Judaism and the Jewish people: from depicting Orthodox Jews negatively in the news media, promoting abortion, homosexuality and moral violations of the Noahide Laws, all the way to the Salami tactics of destroying Eretz Yisrael through the Oslo “peace/piece” process.

rabbi david katz said...

i found the photo on yahoo. can you elaborate as to why this was not a nice article? i would not consider the erev rav to be of a nice nature in general, so how could an erev rav article be nice in nature? it would not be nice if it was nice.

Anonymous said...

If the beginning of the Redemption occurs without merit, it will come about like a poor man riding a donkey, that is, in poverty, both with regard to the ingathering of exiles and the rebuilding of Jerusalem. As it states: “they will come with weeping, and with supplications will I lead them” etc. “and Efraim is My firstborn.” The Gaon hinted that in gematria the word “supplications” equals Mashiach ben Yosef [566]. So it is written, “I was brought low, and he saved me, ” which refers to Mashiach son of Efraim. This is what David prayed for, that Mashiach ben Yosef would not die, as explained by the Gaon in his boor “Yahel Or”; and with regard to building Jerusalem as it states, “the Lord will lift Zion, and the poor of his People will find refuge in it” etc. All this will be like the image of a poor man riding a donkey. It will occur when the awakening of the beginning of the Redemption comes naturally until we merit the clouds from Heaven.
Which Kabbalists are you talking about? 345

Anonymous said...

He is not going to die in a condition if Jews will do teshuva and be unified. Which Kabbalists are you talking about?

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