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Exploitation: The Art of The Enemy - Olam HaSheker

Exploitation: to take advantage of (a person, situation, etc), esp unethically or unjustly for one's own ends

We live in the World of Lies. One of the main contributions to Evil, and maybe even the biggest enemy of Peace and Harmony is the "art of exploitation."
Our Society is perfect in this day and age: health care, technology, entertainment, sports, knowledge,etc, etc.
In fact, the 7 Wisdoms have never been brighter in any time post flood. [...we can even argue that Yiddishkeit has never been greater, after all, everyone is a Rabbi these days, "oh boy!"]

But let's look a little closer

Football is a great sport, one that we have all grown to love. However there is football pre-2000's, and football post- 2000's. The difference being that the "pre" era is built seeking head hunting and advocating the extent of former players going mad and even committing suicide. This may not be exploitation, rather a jolt of stupidity, yet the game is built on these conditions, and the players made relatively no money while owners became billionaires. In today's football, there are rules protecting the heads of players and players earn more, while we are led to believe that the sport is the same.
Boker Tov: it isn't.
Today there are so many rule and financial changes, that football of 1975 is foreign to football of 2012. The lesson learned? The empire that we of today call the NFL is built on exploitation, and now they are selling a cheap imitation. People complain, where is the old football? The answer is that it is lost in the exploits of time. Today's football is not the old football and the new football only makes billions of dollars due to the pioneers of exploitation and the exploited.

How about Physics? Killing innocent people to gain sacred technology for the future. Thus advanced Physics a product of exploitation. For the greatness of science to really come into the World in a Kosher way, shouldn't it be without exploitation? What we have is dirty football, dirty physics, "dirty wisdom."

Hollywood? Exploit people's weaknes's: photo shop, plastic surgery, etc..all to exploit the unaware that there is deception - like a reality show of David Copperfield...[and that is assuming that reality T.V. is real; it isn't]

Nike Shoes: We all love our Nikes, surely we deserve great the expense of some Chinese kid getting paid a bowl of rice a day, so Americans can have the newest Air Jordans. Yes we should have great shoes..but why can't the jobs be in America if the shoes are for Americans; Americans could then maybe save up for their shoes?

Yiddishkeit: We are all rabbis today, Judaism has never thrived more! Everyone can now learn like a Gadol and there is no need for Yeshiva...Just learn Artscroll! Ironically, what does the Artscroll Shas say on its cover? ..."an AID to Talmud study"...but all of a sudden by reading in English what took the Rabbis of centuries to learn, can be done in a 20 minute daf yomi shiur...what happened to Amaylus (serious effort) of Torah? A product of exploiting the ignorance of Torah in the World.

The Dollar is doing better than ever; Praise the Stock Market! about exploitation of misinformation to the uninformed coupled with schemes of implementing hyper-inflation?

Every Wisdom has exploded to Gadlus with the advent of "perfected exploitation."

Welcome to the World of "Almost Real"..The World of Lies...Where Nun Shaarei Binah is being rivaled with Nun Shaarei Tumah.

Does this mean the Anti-Messiah (Armilos) will be that deceptive and successfull - to which the Vilna Gaon even said: if our forefathers were fooled by Ishmael and Esau..How much the more so in the End of Days!

This lie of lies is not new, as King Solomon said: "there is nothing new under the Sun" the Talmud speaks of the exploitations in the times of Chazal (one of the 10 martyrs for example, whose decapitated head was gazed upon for its beauty: beauty by exploitation)..only now we are in its latest incarnation: the end of Edom that has merged with Yishmael and flavored with the masters of deception: Erev Rav [and Katan]

Olympic Exploitation: The Sweatshops Making Adidas Clothes for The Games
Much indignation in The Independent about the conditions in the factories in Indonesia which are making the Adidas garments for the Olympics in London.
Yes, conditions are bad, yes, working hours are long and pay is low. There are also various promises that have been made about how everyone should be being very nice to the people who work in the factories.
There are things that are obviously wrong, like reports of bullying and physical violence. However, here’s the real information that we need to know about:
With just over 100 days to go before the Games begin, an investigation by The Independent has uncovered widespread violations of workers’ rights in Indonesia, where nine locally owned and managed factories have been contracted to produce Olympic shoes and clothing for Adidas – the official sportswear partner of London 2012 and of the British team.
While the German company – which unveiled its Stella McCartney-designed kit for British athletes last month – hopes to make £100m from its Olympic lines, the mainly young, female factory employees work up to 65 hours (25 hours more than the standard working week), for desperately low pay.
65 hours a week: yes, that’s certainly long working hours.
Workers struggle to survive on pay as low as 5,000 rupiah (34p) an hour……..Mirna works for PT Golden Castle, earning 8,125 rupiah (55p) an hour.
Yes, those are indeed low wages.
But here’s the thing. What does anyone expect poor people in poor countries to be doing? Other than working long hours for low pay that is? The is the definition of being poor, that you have to work long hours for low pay.
It’s worth actually calculating those numbers up. 65 hours a week at 34 p an hour for 52 weeks and convert to US dollars is $1,720 a year. $2,900 or so for the higher pay rate.
Agreed, these aren’t the sorts of numbers that are going to get you or I out of bed in the morning. But that’s not the point at issue: what are the alternatives available to these women in Indonesia?
One way of checking that is to look at GDP per capita for the country. Nominal GDP per capita is some $3,500 a year. Clearly and obviously the people living and working in the country cannot all, in aggregate, earn more than that GDP, not each individually more than the GDP per capita. Because GDP is the measure of everything that is produced that is then shared out in wages and profits and so on.
Those wages are in the range of 49% of GDP per capita to 83% of it. So is that a low or high range of numbers?
The equivalent GDP per capita number for the US is $48,200 or so. 49% of that is $23,618 and 83% is $40,000. No, none of us s going to think that those numbers represent great riches either: but they’re not a bad income either. They range from being well over double the US poverty line up to being a solid middle class income in many parts of the country.
So compared to how rich Indonesia is those sweatshop wages actually look pretty good. If we compare them to how rich the US is that is. It’s only when we look at the absolute amount of the wages that they seem so low. And I’m afraid that that just isn’t the right way to look at such wages. We need, always, to look at wages in comparison to what else is available to that person in that time and place. And getting 50 to 80% of GDP per capita for that time and place doesn’t make a job a bad one, it makes it rather a good one actually. For, again, that time and place not by any universal metric.
What we’re actually seeing with these wage rates is not that we are exploiting the workers in those sweatshops. Rather, we’re seeing that those workers have been failed by their own governments. For it is the poverty of the country in general that is causing the low wages and yes, economic growth is simple enough that the absence of it is that government’s fault.

One true element of the article, is that "Galus China" condones this! (and they certainly have the Manpower) - That just compounds the issue and weighs on one's conscious even more.
"On the path of emes one will still find Sheker!"

The World is pretty well advanced...but perhaps one should ponder - how did it get here? By what means? The Torah wants us to be comfortable, but from righteousness! צדק צדק תרדף!
This is the World of Lies.
Look Closer.
"Be Truth".
and Proceed.

Is '72-'73 the year that the house of cards falls out on the Global Ponzy Scheme [called Olam HaZeh]?


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