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From Iran to Korea: Reliving The Essence of Persia


The story of Purim as we all know is centered around Persia. The Geulah that Klal Yisrael experienced was not an eternal Geulah, due to the fact that Persia was not destroyed, in fact they remained under Achashveirosh; for this we do not say Hallel on Purim.

What many do not realize, is that Persia is the "Gateway" to the "East" and the door to all of its Tumah - such was the intent of Persia: to kill the Jews with Znus! Now here we are years later, and the Torah is predicting the final showdown with Persia, only now the entire East is taking part of the final onslaught.

Korea, as the Cardinal Spiritual Power of Tumah in the East is right on target in our Gog V' Magog status. If Israel is "ready to go" perhaps the table is set, for the Koreans are already running! Korea sees itself as the Jew of the East. What is interesting to note, is that their Mythology is like a bizzaro version of Bereishis and they seem to parallel Jewish History in many ways: namely North and South Korea, appearing as the two Kingdoms in Ancient Israel.

All this while Iran is identical with Ancient Persia. (Haman, Purim, etc.) What will the East, beginning with Iran at the head emanate into?


Should Israel decide to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities, the IDF will be prepared to carry out the mission, Chief of Staff Benny Gantz told Yedioth Ahronoth in remarks published Sunday. "In principle, we are ready to act," the army chief told the newspaper in a special interview ahead of Israel’s upcoming Independence Day. In respect to the Iranian threat, 2012 will be a critical year, Gantz said, adding that "the State of Israel believes that nuclear arms in Iran’s possession are a very bad thing, which the world should stop and Israel should stop." "We are preparing our plan accordingly," he said. Israel is the only country in the world facing open destruction threats by another state, which is also producing the means to do carry them out, the army chief said. However, he noted, this does not mean that he will be ordering the army’s Air Force chief to strike Iran "now." When asked whether Israel faces an existential threat at this time, Gantz said: "The potential exists. At this time, in my estimate, this is not the case." ‘Higher chance of war’ During the interview, Gantz also addressed special operations carried out by the IDF beyond Israel’s borders, revealing that the scope of such activities has increased significantly compared to the past. "I don’t think you will find a point in time where something isn’t happening somewhere in the world," he said. "The level of risk has increased as well. This is not something invented by Benny Gantz. I’m not taking the credit here. I’m simply accelerating all those special operations." Regarding the likelihood of a war breaking out this year, Gantz said: "Our intelligence assessment asserts that given the strategic reality and instability in the region, the chance of deteriorating to a war is higher than in the past. There are no indications of war, but the chances of the situation deteriorating into one are higher than in the past." The army chief added that in case of a regional war, the IDF will be able to cope with the rocket threat from Lebanon and from the Gaza Strip. "I can’t promise no missiles will be landing here. They will be falling; many of them. It won’t be a simple war, neither on the frontlines nor ion the home front,” he said. “However, I don’t advice anyone to test us on this front." "When (Hezbollah leader Hassan) Nasrallah comes out of his bunker, he’s concerned – and rightfully so. He saw what happened to Lebanon last time, and it won’t be close to what will happen to Lebanon next time," the army chief said. "I think they understand it well."

North Korea's military Monday threatened "special actions" soon to turn parts of the South Korean capital to ashes, accusing Seoul's conservative government of defaming its leadership. The North has for months been criticising the South's President Lee Myung-Bak in extreme terms and threatening "sacred war" over perceived insults. There have been no incidents but the language has become increasingly vitriolic. Some analysts said they believe a military provocation is likely. "The special actions of our revolutionary armed forces will start soon to meet the reckless challenge of the group of traitors," said a statement on the official news agency. The North said its targets are "the Lee Myung-Bak group of traitors, the arch criminals, and the group of rat-like elements including conservative media destroying the mainstay of the fair public opinion". It said the actions "will reduce all... to ashes in three or four minutes... by unprecedented peculiar means and methods of our own style". Tens of thousands rallied in Pyongyang last Friday, screaming hatred for Lee and calling for his death over alleged insults. Last week the nuclear-armed North accused Lee of "desecrating" mass celebrations marking the 100th anniversary on April 15 of the birth of Pyongyang's founding president Kim Il-Sung. It bridled at anti-Pyongyang demonstrations in Seoul and at comments by Lee and conservative media. These questioned the cost of the anniversary celebrations for a nation suffering acute food shortages. Lee said the estimated $850 million cost of a rocket launch intended to mark the anniversary could have bought 2.5 million tonnes of corn. The launch, purportedly to put a satellite into orbit, was to have been a centrepiece of the celebrations. The rocket disintegrated after some two minutes in what was seen as an embarrassment for the regime. Monday's statement castigated Lee for comments last Friday, which urged the North's new leader Kim Jong-Un to reform agriculture and improve human rights. It also took issue with the South's unveiling of a new cruise missile said to be able to reach any target in the North. The North attributed its statement to the "special operation action group" of the military supreme command. Military officials in Seoul said they had no knowledge of such a unit, and no particular military movements had been detected in the North. One analyst said the North, unlike in the past, may well follow up its threats now that major anniversary events are over. "The easiest option will be cyber terror... but we may have to guard against actual terrorist actions," Cheong Seong-Chang of South Korea's Sejong Institute think-tank, told AFP. "This time, I think there's a high possibility that the North's words, unlike in the past, will actually lead to specific actions." Baek Seung-Joo, of the South's Korea Institute for Defence Analyses, said there had been "bad signs" across the border but did not elaborate. "I'm worried about military provocations by North Korea," Baek told AFP.

From Iran to Korea: Amalek of the East is lining up: Purim 2.0 - The Final End To Persia's Galus!

May we merit Hallel of Moshiach in '72-'73

And start to live out our Torah in Geulah

In Eretz Yisrael

With a Beis Hamikdash standing High!

...the Final Geulah will look like the Days of Purim [Gra/Yerushalmi Berachos]


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