Monday, April 2, 2012

President Gog - Report To Israel At Once!

There is a famous Zohar that "Gog" will visit Israel 3 times; between the 2nd and 3rd times Din will rage in the World. Upon the conclusion of the 3rd visit, Gog will die and be buried in Northern Israel.

Obama has been here once. He is trying to prevent his second trip.


As election season heats up and murmurs of war with Iran turn to cable news shouts, conservatives are once again looking to use the White House’s somewhat tumultuous relationship with Israel as a wedge to pry Jewish voters away from President Obama in November.

One issue that they’ll likely push to achieve that end: Obama’s failure so far to visit Israel while in office, and whether he will do so in the near future.

“As president, my first foreign trip will not be to Cairo or Riyadh or Ankara — it will be to Jerusalem,” Mitt Romney said in a speech to pro-Israel group AIPAC this month. He used a similar line in December before the Republican Jewish Coalition, saying Obama “has visited Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iraq. He even offered to meet with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Yet in three years, he has not found it in his interest to visit Israel, our ally, our friend, the sole Middle East nation that fully shares our values.”

Romney’s not the only one who has seized on Obama’s absence from Israel while in office. On the left, J Street, a liberal pro-Israel organization, has long urged the president to travel to Jerusalem in order to commit to finding a two-state solution in front of both Israeli and Palestinian audiences.

Will the continued pressure force a trip in the near future? It’s doubtful. According to experts and advocates on both sides of the spectrum, the odds of a visit at this late stage in the campaign season have fallen close to zero.

“We’re political realists,” Jessica Rosenblum, director of communications for J Street, told TPM. “We know that the president is not going to go to Israel in the midst of this election cycle. But, whoever wins the next election, our recommendation will essentially be the same.”

One prominent Jewish Democrat doubted that Obama would face much electoral fallout for not visiting, and said the White House had “moved past the optimal window” for a trip.

“It’s something that obviously was being urged,” the Democrat said. “I think the White House at a few junctures seriously considered it, but there were very heavy logistical concerns … Where we are at now, it would seem overtly political.”

Noah Pollak, executive director of the right-leaning Emergency Committee for Israel, one of Obama’s biggest critics on Israel, said that the White House set the stage for a sour start to their relationship with Israel by opting out of visits so far in Obama’s term, and despite high-profile trips to other Middle Eastern nations. But he said Obama would likely have to wait until a hypothetical second term to correct it at this point, given the political pressure cooker in both countries, where elections are around the corner for both Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Israelis are shrewd and cynical about politics — it’s a vibrant democracy and Israelis would probably view his arrival as a campaign stunt, a way to cover up or palliate a problem for Obama,” he said. “I don’t think they would view it as an earnest and good faith effort to reset or improve relations.”

He added that the situation might be different if an Obama visit had a legitimate chance of injecting new life into talks between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators, but given that talks are in a rut and the White House has been less directly engaged in recent months, it seems unlikely.

According to Brookings Institute scholar Natan Sachs, there are additional national security concerns that may make both Israeli and U.S. officials wary of a high-profile visit. As talk of war with Iran heats up and the U.S. looks to build momentum for a new push to defuse the situation with diplomacy, a visit now could throw that effort off track.

“A visit could complicate things quite dramatically,” Sachs said. “It could be perceived by Iranians as preparation for a joint strike, or it could also go the other direction depending on the tone. The stakes would be much higher and more immediate than either the political considerations or the issues around the Palestinian track, where the U.S. has been less active recently.”

In general, relations with Israel have improved since the White House’s early confrontations with Netanyahu over settlements in Palestinian territory, making a visit to repair relations less urgent. Domestically, things may have reached a low point last September when Rep. Bob Turner (R-NY) won an upset victory in the special election to replace former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) in the heavily Jewish district by focusing almost entirely on sending a message to Obama to be more openly supportive of Israel.

Shortly afterward, however, Obama drew praise even from some of its more prominent domestic critics, like former New York Mayor Ed Koch, who broke with his party to back Turner, for standing with Israel against attempts by Palestinian leaders to declare statehood through the United Nations last year. A recent spate of rocket attacks in Gaza also highlights the success of Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile system, which was built with aid from the Obama administration and has been highly successful in the field.

And, for now at least, Israel and the United States are publicly on the same page in trying to prevent shared foe Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon.

As for the politics, there’s no sign yet that the latest push from the right is likely to snap up a large swath of Jewish voters — especially given how many previous efforts have failed. Obama already earned some goodwill as a presidential candidate for a trip to Israel in 2008 in which he personally visited towns affected by missile attacks from terrorists in Gaza, and there will be plenty of opportunities for him to speak before Jewish and pro-Israel audiences to reassure them of his support before November. The campaign isn’t taking them for granted, launching its own effort, Jewish Americans for Obama, that’s already running ads online highlighting the administration’s success in imposing new sanctions on Iran, its military aid to Israel, and its help in blocking critical UN resolutions.

There’s also no rule that says presidents have to make the trip. George W. Bush didn’t visit until late in his second term; Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush never traveled to Israel.

“This is really a quadrennial phenomenon where the Republicans always think they’ll make big inroads with the Jewish community,” David Lehrer, president of Community Advocates and a supporter of Obama, told TPM. “I think candidate pilgrimages to Israel don’t mean much one way or the other, it’s what he’s done the past three and a half years and I think his excellent record speaks for itself.”

Can't Obama just be the bad guy and quit?
-One day there will be a Gog - Either Obama -or- WORSE!
Zohar - looking to 5772 for answers.


Poopoo Platepussykatz said...

wow. i prefear your audacity, r.

Moshe said...

russian president Putin will visit Israel in June 2012. (I think that is going to be 3rd time, I am not sure) Who knows how many times he visited before?

Tzvi Bar-Rashbi said...

So this time Israel will atta

Devash said...

Putin last visited Israel in April 2005, when Ariel Sharon was prime minister. The highly irregular visit took place on Passover, with only three weeks' notice. Israel lobbied unsuccessfully to get the visit postponed.

In January 2011 Russian President Dmitri Medvedev was scheduled to visit Israel, but the visit was canceled because of a Foreign Ministry workers' strike here.

Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin to visit Israel in June

It's also said that the three descriptions of GoguMagog (Yechezkel 38, 39 and Zechariah 14) are three different wars. This could be the three times that "Gog" comes up and each time the leader could be a different person acting as "Gog." Possibility?

Moshe said...

I don't remember from where, but I also heard that Gog have Mongolian roots...

Klishlishi said...

"Persia, Cush and Put will be with them, all with shields and helmets...." (Ezekiel 38:5).

Maybe "Put" is a hint to "Putin"!?

Back in 2000, Putin was planning to send a Russian fleet to do a live-fire 'exercise' off the coast of Tel Aviv. It was going to be led by their flagship submarine "Kursk". We all know what Hashem did:....He deep-sixed it! "If you hear of Russian ships crossing the Bosphorus, prepare your Shabbos vestments and await the Moshiach!" (Vilna Gaon)

Moshe said...

here is the link -- Putin mongolian, it is a joke, but in every joke is some truth

Moshe said...

Persia, Cush and Put
Ahmad...Obama and Putin

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Obama is anti-Gog. He is doing the opposite of what Gog would do. He does not want to preserve Western Civilization. He wants to divide its wealth amongst the Third World. The moment that he should be sending troops to protect the economic interests of the Western World in Batzrah, the spigot of almost all Iraqi oil, he withdrew American troops and allowed for Persia in Batzrah and Turkey in the north to come in and fill the vacuum. This guy might hate us, but he hates Western Civilization (Malkhut Edom) as well. Now Gog W. Bush Jr., he was a Gog. Yet, because of our garbage like behavior in 5765, the full zechirah of Yaakov promised for 5766 did not fully occur. All we got was another 6 year delay mentioned in the same Zohar. Well, G-d also stopped Olmert's plans for hitkansut by seeing to it that Haifa was bombed for one month starting on the 17th of Tamuz 5766. And the Galil was Charev to fill the conditions set forth in the Talmud in Sotah. So a partial geulah did occur in 5766. Gog W. Bush, Jr. was set to be Gog, but we messed up royally. So now we get rock gut Geulah with Obuzzard as the 11th horn of Sefer Daniel. Also the first Gog was actually PM Lloyd George, a good Gog, who sent Allenby to conquer Jerusalem from the Turks back in 1917. The 2nd Gog was Gog W.'s father who never came against Jerusalem until he sponsored the Madrid Peace Conference. He hated us because he was the gilgul of Esau himself. The final Gog was supposed to be Gog son of Gog Jr., the gilgul of Eliphaz, a guy who personally liked Ya'akov in galut and not Israel triumphant, but as pointed out earlier we messed up royally. So now in accordance with the Zohar VaYeira 119a, we have not so patiently waited another 6 years until the 2nd half of 5772, and we will get Geulah, G-d willing, this summer, maybe starting on Friday afternoon....maybe. maybe with the N. Korean missile test....maybe. of maybe again starting on the 17th of Tamuz exactly 6 years later.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

I should mention that Obuzzard is half Muslim and half Christian. This fits the profile of the 11th horn perfectly because at the end of the exile, the iron, Rome, is mixed with clay, Yishmael, who is a wild man made of clay. So Obuzzard fits that profile perfectly. I can't see how he is also Gog. So we may be on the way to fulfill the prophesies in Zecharia 11- 14, but the one leading the charge will be the 11th horn leading the Western World in its death throes. a complex narcissist who may think that he is a god or a messiah, but he is not Gog. I believe that Sefer Daniel says that he will rule for a total of 7 years, and that half way through this final seven, which is between now and the 17th of Tamuz, the full Geulah which has been delayed for 6 years will begin. and in accordance with Sefer Eliyahu, Persia will come up against the West in three consecutive years, and in the fourth year which happens to be the Shmittah year 5775, Persia will expand its gains for 12 months. This would be round one in 5772 of a four year war between Rome and Paras. Yet, each round will reveal an aspect of Geulah. If this round is kicked off by North Korea, the country at the edge of the halakhic world, it could bring Mashiach ben Yosef, which itself is a giant leap forward from where we are at this instant.

Tzvi Bar-Rashbi said...

The Russian Military Has an Action Plan Involving Georgia if Iran Is Attacked
Russian Defense Ministry sources told the semiofficial news agency Interfax that action plans are being finalized to react to an armed conflict involving Iran and its nuclear program. The General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces “calculates” that military action against Iran will commence “in the summer” of 2012. Since Israel does not have sufficient assets to defeat Iranian defenses, the Russian military considers US military involvement inevitable (Interfax, March 30).

SO IT LOOKS like IT will be in summer In @ months

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