Monday, April 2, 2012

Shiurim Before Pesach - Peh-Sach!

New Torah To Listen To Before Pe[h]Sach!

Click Here For Parashas Shemos With Ramban:

  • Bereishit = Shemot
  • "Good"
  • The Voice of Moshe
  • Moshe's Children Needed Circumcized?
  • A Jewish Name
  • Shem, Moses, and Sinai
  • Daya vs. Daas
  • Moshe's Mouth
  • Two Types of Kohen to Yisro
  • First and Last Redeemers
  • Tzvi or Ayil?

Click Here For Shir HaShirim With Vilna Gaon 7:7-8:

  • Yirah - Ahava - Shalom - Hashem
  • 5 Types of Fear
  • 5 Types of Holiness in People
  • Devarim and Shir HaShirim

Tell over the Geulah this Year - of which the Arizal calls Passover: Peh - Sach: The Mouth that Speaks!
During the seder, by telling about the Final Redemption - from the Hagadah, we can bring down Mochin D'Gadlus - Higher Intellect, that will lead to a greater revelation at Shavuos - as the two Chagim are one Chag in Reality (Ramban).

Beis Hamikdash in 5772 - B'H


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