Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Jewish Refugee - Run!

There is an old "joke" / "idea" that the Egyptians should request their money back for all of the Gold that the Jews "took" while the Jews would then request payment and interest on lost wages for the architecture.
Here is a story that is similar, and if any Palestinian/Arab is reading this, you can glady send me my portion of the Billions of dollars from kids will be thankful.


Danny Ayalon: 'Half Of Israel's Residents Are Jewish Refugees, Or Their Progeny, Who Were Driven Out Of Arab Countries After They Attacked Jewish State in 1948' 'Israel To Insist That Jewish Refugee Problem Will Be Core Element In Any Future Negotiation To Resolve Conflict' IsraCast Assessment: At Long Last, Israel's Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Raises Arab League's Responsibility For Creating Two Refugee Problems -Palestinian & Jewish IsraCast: It is probably the least known fact in the long and vociferous Arab-Israeli conflict: Consider this, more Jewish refugees were forced to flee from their homes in the Arab countries than all the Palestinians who were forced to flee or left of their own volition, from the newly born state of Israel in 1948. At a Jerusalem news conference, Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon announced that Israel insisted that the Jewish refugees be 'a core element in any future negotiation or settlement to resolve the conflict'. The facts: after the Arab League categorically rejected the UN Partition Plan of 1947 that would have eventually created Israel and 'Palestine', it launched an invasion from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt aimed at destroying the nascent Jewish state. The combined Arab armies were defeated and driven back and in the wake of the Arab onslaught, an estimated 600,000 Palestinian refugees fled their homes. On the other side of this two-way street, an estimated 850,000 Jewish refugees were dispossessed and forced to leave the Arab countries. The Palestinians left behind property worth an estimated $400 million that is valued today $3.9 billion. However by comparison, the Jewish refugees lost an estimated $700 million that is now valued at $6 billion. Ayalon made the point:' Today some 50% of Israel's (Jewish ) residents are the same refugees and their progeny from the Arab countries'. Moreover those Jewish refugees, and Ayalon's own family was forced to flee Algeria, were absorbed by Israeli society whereas the Arab world, except for Jordan, forced the Palestinians into refugee camps where they fester until this very day.

May all of the Exiles return Home this year!


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