Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Obamination in the Talmud - An Altar to Idolatry

As you can see below, the name Obama is encoded in an auspicious place in Masechet Brachot 2 [p14]

כל הנותן שלום לחבירו קודם שיתפלל כאלו עשאו במה  
 כל הנותן שלום לחבירו קודם שיתפלל,
 כ''[אל]'ו עש'או במה
Whoever gives shalom [greeting] to his friend before davening, it's as if he made a high place [bimah] - [for idol worship].

Obama's name encoded in  Masechet Brachot 2 p14a
Rav said: If one gives greeting to his fellow before he has said his prayers it is as if he made him a high place, as it says, Cease ye from man in whose nostrils is a breath, for how little is he to be accounted! Read not bammeh [how little], but bammah [high place]. 

Samuel interpreted:  ...ושמואל אמר במה חשבתו לזה ולא לאלוה  - How come you to esteem this man and not God? [Source]

 כ''[אל]'ו עש'או במה
All who give shalom [greeting] to his friend before praying, is like ''Keil Esau'' - the god -Esau. [Obama who is the leader of Eisav: Rome] The Ramban quotes a midrash that Yakov is called a "God - below" because he has the power to uproot decrees [gezeirot] with prayer. Thus if Yaakov had interactions with the Divine through prayer in Kedusha, Eisav would be his exact opposite and nemesis in this endeavor in Klippah. From this we arrive at: Keil-Eisav : Obama! (Edom who attempt to pervert G-d and his Attributes)

The meaning is therefore: in all that Yaakov does in Kedusha with prayer and his relationship to God, Eisav does the opposite, with Obama being the master, as the leader that rules through the demise of Edom. [Genesis 3:20]
 "he considers to elevate himself and manipulate others with Godly Attributes [Shalom: a Name of God]; and does not consider God ("Elokah")'' - this usage of "Elokah" is the same as the midrash with Yaakov.

Will 5772 bring an end to this [as the 5768 guys say], "Obamination?"


Anonymous said...

Yes, he wanted the world to think he came for hope, change and world peace. He doesn't take a stand on anything(slaughter in the streets of Iran, the ongoing conflict in Israel, the murdering despots in Africa, Gaddafi, the ongoing Syrian massacre, negotiating with Taliban, Hamas, his quest to decrease nuclear capabilities all over the world, giving our missile shield codes to Russia) Because he is a peaceful, humble man and does not want to interfere with other countries business. But in reality he is trying to mesmerize and neutralize. He's pulling the wool over the eyes. Why, he already received his Nobel peace prize just for showing up. But G-d rules the world and that's all we have to remember.

Poopoo Platepussykatz said...

Sorta anticipating Barack's end with no one to help him, as per Daniyel Hanavi. Looking ahead to inquiring of this man from Edom, who shares the uncanny ability to "speak in shorthand" with his classmate, Benyomen.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, Obama believes himself to be of God quality. In reality God will spit him from his mouth. A glorious day that will be.

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